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Your Workout. Your Way.

From fitness, yoga, spin classes, and custom-designed training to massage, nutrition, and recovery programs for anyone and everyone (whether you’re a professional headed home from work or an athlete looking for peak performance), 360FitCo’s experiences are guaranteed to get you fit — in whatever form you choose. We’re focused on building stronger bodies, communities, and conversations by working out — bring yourself, and we’ll handle the rest.

Bootcamp/HIIT Training

  • Our group workouts are second to none! There are no set times for our group sessions — come when you can and stay as long as you want. Our staff creates a unique workout each day and coaches you through it. Work through circuits designed for any ability level, from the basics to the advanced. We incorporate interval training, stations, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, cardio, and more for an awesome workout!

Sports Performance

  • From elementary school to pro, our staff maximizes each athlete’s performance. We offer classes for athletes ages 10 through high school. Develop coordination, power, speed, agility, and age appropriate strength. For college prep, amateur athletes, and pros, we offer small group training, one on one workouts, and concierge programs.

Personal/Small Group Training

  • Prefer to work out on your own? Have a small group interested in working with a trainer? Our personal training staff will design comprehensive programs tailored to your unique needs. With a customized approach and unparalleled knowledge base, working with one of our staff will help you reach your fitness goals. We offer one on one sessions, partner training, or create a small group of up to 4 for a fun workout with friends!

Open Gym

  • Can't make it to a class? Prefer doing your own thing? Open gym allows you to workout on your schedule anytime we're open.

Slow Burn Yoga

  • With this slow-moving, intense, yet invigorating flow, you’ll feel ready to take on the day. Created for all levels, modifications and advancements are offered.

Power Yoga

  • This unheated yoga class will get your heart rate pumping as you build internal heat. With a mixture of fast-paced flow and long holds, this creative and fun class is made for all levels.

Deep Release Yoga

  • Unwind from a busy day with a gentle and relaxing deep stretch class. You will be invited to use props and hold poses for longer, encouraging the body to let go of tension and stress.


  • Our Barre classes are hybrid workout classes - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Classes also focus on high reps of small range movements and incorporate core work.


  • Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.

Cardio Dance

  • The cardio portion of class is inspired by HIIT, so we're constantly spiking your heart rate, then bringing it down for a few seconds of recovery. The dance portion integrates today’s top hip hop and current hits for an amazing workout that burns a ton of calories!


  • Start pedaling, and let go as the music takes you on the ride of your life along various terrains, speeds and intensities. Go at your own pace and enjoy a group exercise session full of motivation and sweat! Integrated strength training and core work takes this class to the next level.

Ice Bath

  • Take a modern ice bath with iCool — scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and recovery time for athletes, cold water immersion is a great way to start your recovery.


  • In house, we have Hypervolt +, Hypersphere, Venom Back, Venom Leg, ICT Back, and ICT Leg HyperIce products — all key components of recovery using percussion technology, which relieves muscle stiffness with concentrated pulses of pressure.

Joovv UV/Red Light Therapy

  • Red light therapy is proven to help improve physical performance, muscle recovery, skin health, joint pain and inflammation. Using state of the art red light LEDs from Joovv, you’re on your way to feeling your best.

Sports Massage

  • Sports massages are specific for recovery — both pre-performance and post-performance. Make sure your body’s in alignment and your muscles are in top shape for your next game.

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