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Cameron Avery

3 weeks ago

Lost an Apple Watch after a soccer game and was told by a SportsLink coordinator that it was found and that I could pick it up from Lost and Found at the offices. Once I was finally able to make it there, I was told they did not know where it was... they took my name and number and told me they would call me once they found it. Five days later... still no call. So, I called the offices, to which no one answer, and left a voicemail asking for someone to call me back on the location of the watch. Another two days go by... still no call. I call again, this time getting someone on the line, asking about the watch. They still did not know where it was... My prediction is that they haven't been looking for it and someone on the Sportslink side decided to take the watch for themselves. Again, I am told I will receive a call... still no call. Although, I had fun playing soccer. I have become tired of this unprofessional organization.


Carolina Gamer

8 months ago

So when you register for a men's league there are 4 levels of competition you can sign up for: Competitive, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and REC. There is no such thing as REC and they should stop putting as an option. Sportslink combines Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and REC into one division for the regular season so if you sign up for REC or Intermediate 2 prepare to get demolished. Their "solution" for this is to break out the teams in the playoffs. Intermediate 1 has their playoffs and Intermediate 2 and REC are combined for a playoffs. That fine and dandy but playoffs only last two games. So you pay $500/team to get absolutely destroyed during the regular season. Not cool. Create a corporate league sportslink!


Ben Davis

9 months ago

I've enjoyed several softball leagues, and a lot of volleyball through this group. They've put on several charitable donation tournaments, and make an effort to build a community. They're human, and the officials they hire are also... human (imperfect). Very grateful that as an "adult" I have such easy access to all of the fun stuff I loved doing as a "kid".


Alex Blasco

11 months ago

There's a lot that's wrong. Terrible officiating. No one (director or umpires) seem to give a damn. Lights shut off 15 mins into games sometimes, which someone could get hurt. It's getting really expensive with no improvements. If something doesn't change I will be switching leagues (it's a little bit more of a drive but worth it to actually enjoy playing again) not to mention I play almost every day of the week with Sportslink. ****I've noticed that you respond to people's issues on here and basically say that they are wrong and it's as if their opinions don't matter. I also noticed that the review section on your Facebook is gone. Was that taken off after you got some pretty bad reviews recently? Seems like you just want to sweep the issues under the rug instead of take action.


Eric Galarza

9 months ago

If I could give zero stars I would. Very unprofessional on corporate side. Hung up on and degraded by an employee named Leslie at Arsley branch.