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Joshua Roughton

7 months ago

I had a lot of fun when this was Axe Club of America. This is not even close to the same experience. First off, we booked online for a premium price and private lane, just to be told when we got there that you had to have 6 people to have a private lane. We ended up being forced to play with 15 people and had to play a tournament. If people would not have left early, I would only have gotten to throw twice. An hour and a half. Sounds like a lot of waiting, right? It was a complete waste of time. I would have liked to get the experience I paid for, but this was not it. The staff was good and this is not a knock on them at all, just the concept. I will honestly be surprised if they survive another year here. Clarity in expectation is the key to any successful business and this business clearly does not have that. Sorry that you think this is a "great concept that everyone loves across the country," but you clearly have no sight for your market here. Best of luck.


Theodore Lindsey

a year ago

Great place for something different. I had never tried this before. It was fun and challenging. You can compete against others and the scoring makes it really fun and interesting. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They went over the safety requirements and gave a quick lesson on how to to throw the axe. It's not as easy as it seems. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for some different entertainment.


Will Alexander

7 months ago

Went here right before it was changed from the Axe Club of America and it was great. Would've given it 5 stars with plans to go again and again. Now that the ownership has seemingly changed hands, the price has increased 100% ($20/person to $40/person) and the time limit only increased 50% (60 minutes to 90 minutes). Additionally, unless you have 6 or more people, you'll almost definitely be on a shared lane. Now, this isn't terrible in theory, but that cuts back on your party's time, so you won't get your full 90 minutes. This could be made even worse if you're placed with another small party that may take up more time than you (whether on purpose or not). I can easily tell you I won't be paying $80+ for me and my wife to come here. Prices have to decrease or I won't be back. 2 stars only because the sport is fun.


Jeff Freeman

8 months ago

New experience with a group. Had fun and they teach you a couple ways to throw and then do a scored game. They coach you along the way. You do sign a waiver but I felt safe and at no time felt threatened by a runaway axe although it did bounce a few times. Worth a try and if you are good may be habit.


J team

7 months ago

Cool experience. Harder than it looks. Definitely fun whether you go in a group or solo. They sell beer and select variety of soda/juice/water.