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Vicki Sloan

in the last week

I love this concept. Its such a cool space. Back Patio is the the best area to sit. It's shaded . If you get bottles make sure you ask for glasses . I love plaza Midwood and the common market adds to its personality. Definitely come for an afternoon drink.



3 weeks ago

Affordable, super chill atomoshpere and good food. Vibe best described as bustling convenience store meets cafe... that happens to be inside of your favorite cheap ABC store on the corner. Definitely worth popping in to grab a sandwich for lunch, or buying a beer and hanging on the patio with friends.


Robert Walsh

3 months ago

Wow, I did not know what to think about this place when I walked up to it, but became very impressed once I walked in. We gravitated to the bar and had a glass of their excellent house draft. The coolers are filled with beers and wines that you can purchase and drink out on the patio. What a wonderful idea, mega selection and save some money by buying a six pack and splitting it with your friends. Great coffee and breakfast options are on offer. This makes for a great hub for the neighborhood, I am very all in on this place.


J Robinson

4 months ago

Last week my job ordered a bunch of sandwiches. When we opened them several of them were very wrong. We were given a couple of free sandwiches so today I drove 6 miles to get our order. This week was 3 times worse than the week prior. The produce is old, tomatoes are mush and the bread was hard and stale. Those were the good parts of the sandwich. The avocado was 3 days past ripe and tasted old and was applied in globs in the constancy of guacamole. The inside and out of the sandwich were covered in it and it was leaking through the paper. I never had a problem when we went to the store in South End. Sadly it closed, i am really hoping that the new one will present the good quality that they state they have.


Devin T

a week ago

This place is awesome. One of the things that makes Charlotte awesome is culture. Plenty of culture and personality here.