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OTR Performance

5 months ago

Great company to do business with. Awesome concept of using containers. Highly recommend Boxman Studios.


Jean Miller

10 months ago

The more I learn about this company, the more impressed I am. They have meticulously high standards to meet client expectations, and they promote a safe, positive work environment for their employees.


TyLan Witherspoon

a year ago

I was very impressed with the concept. I was very disappointed and unimpressed with everything else that has to do with this company. If you are reading this thinking that you have found a possible business solution that could help your company grow you will be sadly mistaken once you meet or talk with a sales representative and find out that they only care about how much profit they can make and nothing else. And they only cater two huge corporations which leaves no place for the smaller or local businesses to do business with this company. One positive about this place is that they did offer me a bottle of water thanks Boxman


Vincent Johnson

3 years ago