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Joanna Dockrey

a week ago

I took my 2 sons {who are 5 & 8} and we had a blast! It was an awesome "team building" event for us over the holiday break. Riley was so awesome & patient with us as the host/game master, especially since I was the only adult in the room :) We are going back next week at the kid's request! Highly recommend it for a family event!


Steve Wyatt

4 months ago

This place is awesome and has amazing projects planned for the future. We've been here twice and definitely plan on coming back probably a few more times. Ryan was our game master on 8/13/2022 for "The West" room and is an awesome guy. Love the themes that these guys came up with and win or lose, can't wait to try them out. Place is great, staff is great. Give this place a try. You'll be glad you did


Haley Malonjao

2 months ago

Very friendly staff. I was in town with a family friend and we did West and Precinct. Tina was our Game Master and she was very personal and obviously excited to be there. Precinct was one of the more tough rooms of the 15 plus or so I have done. It was very fun and is my favorite at Timed Out this far. West was fun and would be the perfect introduction game, but it is very fun for regular escapists as well. There were cool clues with different techniques that I hadn't seen before. Tina and her husband were there after we completed both and my party had a great time talking to them about different rooms we have done and they have done (without spoilers of course). You can definitely see the passion they have and their excitement is contagious.


Franklin Debrito

2 months ago

I am a veteran of 30+ Escape Rooms and often find a reason to spend (less than) an hour locked in a room with friends and family. Was visiting friends in SC and we decided to try a few rooms at this location while we had some time to spare before my flight out of Charlotte International. This place was amazing! Tina (one of the owners) was an amazing Gamemaster. The rooms were challenging enough and all puzzles felt solvable. Ive been to many other rooms where the clues were just bad. The two rooms we did here (West and Precinct) were well done and if I could do them again, I absolutely would. If you are ever in Charlotte and have an hour to spare with friends and family, I highly recommend this location.


Brenda Gajowski

6 months ago

We love Timed Out! Between my whole family we have now done all of the rooms and the staff is so friendly, the whole facility is so clean, and they have just the right amount of support throughout the experience. Bennett was our most recent game master for The Precinct and he was wonderful - the kids loved asking him for clues because he was supportive and funny. We also loved Precinct - great puzzles and challenging!

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