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Take on an Epic Expedition at Discovery Place Science

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s adventure around every corner.

Discovery Place Science

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Antarctic Dinosaurs at Discovery Place Science

If you’re looking for an experience like no other in the Queen City, check out Discovery Place Science’s newest exhibition: Antarctic Dinosaurs.

Beginning February 8, join forces with a group of scientists and researchers as they take on one of the most chilling expeditions ever. Through extreme conditions and continuous challenges, your goal is to break through the ice of Antarctica to unearth four new dinosaur species.

While you’re on your journey, discover the lush origins of the now frozen land, hunt for fossils before ascending to Mount Kirkpatrick a.k.a. “Dinosaur Mountain” and learn how to handle the equipment used by investigators.

This will be no easy task but when completed, it will be an icy adventure you won’t ever forget.

Antarctic Dinosaurs at Discovery Place Science

Along the way, you’ll:

  • View artifacts from early Antarctic expeditions, including Captain Robert Scott's ill-fated Terra Nova.
  • Take a virtual ride in a replica LC-130 aircraft as you fly over Antarctica.
  • Watch as the team excavates fossils and prepares them back at the lab.
  • Meet four new species of dinosaur, all discovered within the last 30 years, like the predator Cryolophosaurus.

Antarctic Dinosaurs is on exhibition through May 25.

General admission pricing:

  • Adults (14-59) - $22
  • Children (2-13) - $18
  • Seniors (60+) - $20
  • Military - $20
  • Welcome Participants - $4
  • Children Under 2 - FREE

Member admission pricing:

  • Adults (14-59) - $3
  • Children (2-13) - $3
  • Seniors (60+) - $3
  • Military - $3
  • Children Under 2 – FREE