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Take on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Discovery Place Science

If you or your family and friends are looking for something different to do in the Queen City, explore Discovery Place Science’s newest exhibit: AI: Artificial Intelligence – Your Mind and the Machine presented by The Relayer Group.

Discovery Place Science

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Per a COVID-19-related Mecklenburg County health directive issued Jan. 12, 2021, please note that some businesses may have modified their hours of operation and changed procedures in order to comply with CDC and Mecklenburg County Health Department guidelines. Please wear a mask, limit any non-essential activities and refrain from gathering with anyone outside of your household.

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While AI is quickly becoming part of our daily world, many of us don't know what it really is. AI is action demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Explore how AI works, what it can do today and its future potential during this limited-run exhibition.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Place Science

From illusions that can’t fool computers, to machines that can identify their surroundings and translate languages, AI features dozens of ways that our brains and computers interact with the world. Whether it’s a date night or a family outing, dive into this fascinating technology through dozens of in-depth displays:

How Our Brains Learn and How We Teach Machines

Human trial and error is not that different from how machines learn. Get an up-close understanding of machine learning as you attempt to solve a series of challenges in as few moves as possible.

Recognizing Patterns

Who gets deceived more easily, the human mind or machines? Test out your theory and see if you can detect optical illusions and other visual anomalies.

Why Machines Can See What Humans Can't

Can machines see more than the human eye? Challenge the computer and see the unseen with the help of AI.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Place Science

Al is All Around You

AI impacts us more than we might realize. Discover practical applications of AI that exist in our everyday lives as you watch a robot paint and compose music. Then, see if The Emotion Recognition interactive camera can recognize your emotions based on your facial expressions.

Al Out in the World

The possibilities for AI are endless. Dive into what the future holds as you meet a lifelike robotic dog, get in the "driver's seat" of a self-driving car, and tap into a video feed outfitted with facial recognition.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Place Science

The exhibit runs from January 16, 2021 through August 22, 2021, and is inclusive of all ages but is best for ages 10 and up.

General admission pricing

  • Adults (14-59) - $19
  • Children (2-13) - $15
  • Seniors (60+) - $17

Member admission pricing

  • Adults (14-59) - $3
  • Children (2-13) - $3
  • Seniors (60+) - $3