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James Parkhill

a month ago

I used to love this place. Now they play literally horrible music. The DJ is the absolute worst. Would have better music if they payed YouTube top 40 on shuffle. Im not sure if this place is trying to become irrelevant but theyre doing a great job!


Christian Handy

a month ago

Love the staff! Great music on the weekends thanks to DJ Eric!! Stop in and have a grand ole time.


Mehrab Ibne Moid

in the last week

Well I do not have that much experience about bars but I find this one too small for even a medium amount of crowds. Drinks are okay here and you will enjoy only if you have friends.


Binky Mitch

4 months ago

Apparently there are two owners. One is named Colby the other who is the dominant one was extremely rude, prejudice and demeaning. I went to ask for pool a second time and was swiftly and rudely answered "10$". Followed by even more crued and distasteful tone and words of reprimandment. I was told that I need to order a drink that this "bar" is not a place to hang out for free...keep in mind the time was late 8ish annnd i bought a 3$ bottled water, and on the verge of payin for pool until the treatment i recieved.I was calm through out the whole interaction....and he started to threaten me and call the cops I have witnesses whom i was accompanied with and was treated as such also. I would not advise anyone to go.


Suburban Smiles

a month ago

Love this place! So unique