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Precious G

6 months ago

Went here after multiple bad experiences with Einstein Brothers Bagels because a friend suggested I come here because they also serve breakfast. I didnt know what to expect, but everything about this place is quite cool. The staff is friendly and helpful and I think that positive energy even translates to the overall experience and makes other customers more pleasant. I only went here for breakfast but after looking at the menu I decided to get something for lunch. The prices are comparable to Einstein brothers bagels probably cheaper but the portions are bigger and the options are a bit more unique which I like. Its nice to walk in somewhere and find something so unexpected. The decor is also really cool. I love how every where you turn there is something fun to look at or read that makes this place very unique in comparison to many of the other places surrounded by the area. Its like a market and dive bar combined with a retail store. I love it. Ill definitely be coming back and bringing some friends with me. Also they have a rewards program so thats pretty cool. Also the god is pretty good too. If youre looking for somewhere different, fun, but relaxed and somewhat nostalgic and familiar I recommend this place.


Isaiah Fleming

5 months ago

This is a relaxing spot to get a quick bite to eat uptown. There are plenty of unique seating arrangements, inside or outside. We took advantage of the nice weather this afternoon, as we had a lunch & lounge team meeting outside. There is a variety of food and drink options inside, including a coffee shop, sandwich diner, and spots for drinks and desserts. The vibe is warm and inviting, and there is an upstairs with a balcony area with a great view. Come check out Common Market if you're in the area and need a comfortable and convenient place to gather, sit, chat, and unwind.


Kim N

11 months ago

I love the huge and well organized spaces in Common Market in Southend. Eclectic furniture with funky decor at every turn. Great arrangement during a pandemic to feel like you can have your own space. They are still requiring masks 11/21 which is great. If you want great food at a reasonable price (including several vegetarian selections), coffee, draft beer, or just a great place to get together with friends/do work, this is the place for you.


John K

a month ago

My office is around the corner from Common Market and we frequent CM every week or so. Weve tried most of the sandwiches on the menu and our favorites are the Hamilton on the Green, Buffalo Shrimp, Reuben, Sinatra and Dilworth Scandal. You order at the bar area and wait for you sandwich at the window. Theres plenty of seating inside and out and they have a great beer selection if you need to make it a wet lunch. Parking on the street isnt too bad given the area at peak times.


Spencer Callahan

8 months ago

Consistently impressed with the quality of food, service, and scenery. The friendly staff and hot coffee are something I look forward to every Sunday morning.

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