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Darnell Brame

a week ago

Pretty good spot, came in on a Saturday during world cup. Service was excellent by the waitresses, prompt with drinks and food. Helpful with understand and helping make choices with food. Prices are very reasonable. Tried two capri stones and worth the price. Would definitely come back for the salad again.


Justin Cook

a month ago

Great bar and grill. Welcoming atmosphere with good drink prices and fresh tasty Mediterranean food. Some people are turned off because Greystone doesn't really look like a bar from the outside. Who goes to a bar because of what it looks like on the outside? That's someone I'm not interested in having a drink with. Anyways, check this place out. You won't be sorry.


Jeanny Thorson

3 weeks ago

On Saturday, June 23rd I arrived to Greystone Pub with eight of my friends during the hours of 2:42PM 4:02PM to celebrate our friend the bride-to-be. This was a spot she was excited to visit and try the Capri Stones. When we arrived we were promptly seated as it was very slow in the restaurant. It appeared there was a private party in the back area and 6-8 guests at the bar watching the World Cup. The first waitress to greet us and take our water / drink order was very nice. Unfortunately, that was the last time we got to see her. Our drinks took long but we were perfectly fine with it. We were relaxing and enjoying our time together. When we got our drinks, they were delicious; however, the bartender immediately displayed an attitude with our first encounter. We were a little perplexed considering our first waitress encounter was so pleasant, and we had just gotten there. None of us complained or displayed any sign of frustration. We were all happy and in good spirit. When the bartender finally came back to the table, we decided to order. The whole time we ordered, she had an attitude in her voice and her actions. She showed frustration having to answer a question one girl had about a menu item. Again, we couldnt understand what we did wrong! So, we continued to keep a positive attitude with each encounter. On two occasions, one of our girls facing the bar witnessed the bartender calling us B**ches to other guests (at which they would turn to look at us). At one point, the bartender took my water glass from the table and never brought it back. When I requested water with my food, she scoffed and rolled her eyes. She rolled her eyes multiple times through our time there. When we were trying to pay, we asked if it would help her for us to pay at the bar. She answered, Not at this point! with an attitude. I have worked in the restaurant / service industry for 20+ years as a hostess, bartender, server, and a cook so I always treat my servers with respect and kindness. The other girls with me are also in the service industry so we understand why it can sometimes take longer than expected for food and drinks, but the way we were treated was unmerited. We did tip the bartender. The food was good but not enough to make me want to go back for that sort of service!


Tya Bolton

a month ago

Interesting food options. Good location. Gaming area.


Patrick Register

a month ago

Megan is awesome at taking care of everyone quickly and accuratly at our meetups. Thanks.