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Jeffrey Coppola

a month ago

Concept is great and so is the location. Solid selection with some rare beers. You do pay a 25% or so premium but being able to get it by the ounce makes up for it. Does get loud but they are working on that. Only recommendation would be to move away from added tipping as it seems out of place in a self service concept place and doesn't follow the traditional concept, could be replaced with maybe a flat $1-1.50 busing charge per 32oz bracelet. Overall a great spot and I'll be back again.


Lauren Bilski

a week ago

First self serve beer bar. Clean and slightly sterile, but in a good way. Could just need a few months to be open. The space is open and inviting. Definitely would be good for groups with a variety of tastes. Acoustics could use some help, but otherwise this place is a good hang out. Will be here a decent amount.


Alice Frazer

a month ago

The concept of this place is great and i know they are new and working out the details. However, my biggest piece of advice is please print out our receipts before charging our cards. I understand we cant all do math at the time of pour and maybe our beers will be more. What I cant understand is just simply asking the person if they will be paying with the card they are required to put on file like any other bar would. I will be back and I do love going I just dont want to have to fight on my tab for a fourth time. Management is accommodating if you ask them to be.


Olivia Stavros-Tracy

2 months ago

This place was fun! I really like how you can just get as much beer as you want or whatever kind you want! Unlimited flights... And they allow dogs! Win. I think they need a few more easy drinking beers, saw a LOT of IPA style but plenty of options. The are on the walls is really cool and i like the duel level. Only complaint is that it gets very loud very fast, but its a bar so eh. Will definitely visit again!


Cam Smith

a month ago

I'll start by saying, I am a lifelong service industry professional, certified cicerone, and beer enthusiast. Line out the door when I went. It's self serve beer, and will cut you off before a bartender would. For a generic craft lager your looking at $6+ and if you don't know how to pour perfectly you'll waste money on the learning curve but there are plenty of Beers to choose from, two floors worth. They have an option for tipping, but it's self serve. Cool space and tv's, but it's quite LOUD. Best thing about it? No children. I hope the owner does his best to continue this. Its a novelty experience. Id prefer to belly up at a bar, tip for service and leave it to the professionals to get a good pour.