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TuxedoKat Mobile Imaginarium

3 weeks ago

Enjoyed our visit to Hawkers. A range of Asian Fare from Korean, Thai, Japan, Malaysia and probably a whole lot more than I even can identify! Seating inside and out makes to options varied. Great for a date or big parties. Highly recommended if you have a hankerin for quick and delicious Asian food without going too far!


Alex D

in the last week

I'll start with the good: The food was amazing and the ambience is really cool and hip. Now the severely disappointing things: I waited way too long to even get seated when the restaurant had only four in the entire building. No one bothered to clear out dishes or even ask if we would like them taken up and it bothered me because we were five to a low-top table with very little room to spare. And finally, most egregious of all! The menu items had one price displayed and yet when I received my bill the prices were higher. I brought this to the attention of the manager and not only did she indicate she was aware of that obvious problem, but she seemed bothered that I even asked to speak to her and never once offered to adjust my bill. I offered to pay the higher price because I didn't want to create a fuss about it and thought I would be helping them by bringing it to their attention that the menu and their actual prices don't match up, but they seemed completely ungrateful and like they didn't care. I loved my food and the place looks great, but I doubt I will ever return based on that experience. I mean, you're not even slammed due to COVID and it still takes you 30 minutes to get someone seated and bring them a water???!!!


Twilight Howl

2 weeks ago

Great staff, outstanding food. They have a broad selection of street food inspired small plates styled from places in the Asian Pacific. You can probably disregard any warning that something is spicy if you've had any more authentic experiences, especially with south-east pacific regional heat. Definitely order the Korean Wings!


John Obeid

in the last week

My experience here with food is alright, decent but overpriced for the small portions. One of my friends got food poisoning here before, so I've been weary of the food since, as it's not worth it. Atmosphere is nice, it's in a good location of South End. The bar is highway robbery, a well drink of vodka soda cost $11.52, be careful ordering or plan your night at one of the many surrounding bars.


Oliver Manalac

a month ago

I've been to these in Singapore. This place tries to emulate the experience by offering a variety of dishes from all over Asia---just like the hawker markets do. Love the variety. Plus they have chicken skin and laksa!