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Kathy Byrnes

a month ago

They are the best. They take great care of my dogs when I am out of town. I can request a bath the morning I am picking them up so they are clean and fresh. Awesome place for my dogs


Jenni Miehle

4 months ago

We love Lucky Dog! It's a great place to hang out and have a drink (with or without your dog), especially when the weather is nice. They have a good selection of craft beer, including local NC breweries. I also brought my dog there for a bath for the first time recently, and had a good experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and they did a nice job on my dog's toenails, which can't have been easy given how much she hates having her feet messed with! I also love the fact that the staff is trained in pet CPR - it shows that they are real dog lovers who are serious about taking good care of the dogs while they are there. Glad to have this awesome local business nearby!


Kyle Reynolds

in the last week

What a great dog bar! Solid drink specials and attentive and personable staff. Will be back.


Kristy DeForest

in the last week

Staff is friendly and treat your fur babies as their own!! Our pups love lucky dog!


Diandra C

a week ago

I had been using Lucky Dog for my three dogs for 2 and a half years now. This summer I have been bringing them just about every three weeks for the weekend as my husband is in the military and is gone all summer for training and I have been visiting him when I can about 4 hours away. Two are Mals and one is a Mal Shepard mix. I left one Mal and the mix with them this past weekend. I recieved a call Saturday that the one had pulled her tooth out on the crate after they were vaccuming around her crate while she was in it. Initially they called telling us that she needed to be picked up because she was too anxious. I explained she does not like vaccums, and does get anxious in the crate, otherwise please keep me informed on her tooth but I was not too worried as she is a very anxious dog (why I boarded her). The next day I came to pick them up I was told that they are too anxious and had to be better trained before they could come back. I informed him that they are PROFESSIONALLY trained and that they just dont like the crate. He then asked WHO trained them. Are you serious? Theyre off leash trained by a professional and I worked with them myself. He then mentioned to me that last night one of them chewed part of the crate and tore his mouth up. Thats when I became upset and asked why I wasn't informed of this? He said I dont know you should have been. He then proceeded to tell me that there have been other issues in the past when I asked why all the sudden there has been a problem when Ive been taking them here for years. Apparently one chewed a bowl before. I had told the staff long ago they could not have anything in their crates but bones. He said it was dangerous to not give them water overnight in the summer. How hot is your facility??? He then proceeded to say they are too anxious in the group and stay to themselves. I asked then why had I been told EVERY TIME I called/picked them up that they were doing great and played well in the group? Again his answer was someone dropped the ball and I should have been informed. They had never been aggressive- so I dont see the problem. He could not tell me why I had never been told about any of this until today. Basically I had been lied to. He then said it was the owner and general managers decision and he was just told to talk to me. I asked why they couldnt have talk to me themselves and he said they were TOO BUSY opening a third location. Unreal. For two years I have been bringing my dogs and boarding and have been told every single time that they were wonderful, so I kept brining them. Why was I lied too? Your facility boards DOGS. They chew things and they dont like to be in a crate. They get anxious away from home. It is your JOB to care for them while I cannot. Obviously the facility dropped the ball in more ways than one. I am glad it happened and I regret taking my dogs for so long. Im sure a manager will post on this and tell me how wrong I am as they did another one star reviewer. If you have a shepard, mal, or any anxious breed DO NOT take your dog here. They OBVIOUSLY cannot handle it and I shudder to think of how they were handling my high energy dogs. I really do blame myself for not being more involved in my dogs care and allowing this place to care for my babies.