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Charan Chitirala

6 months ago

We were here for the dinner and sat in the patio, it is a decent sized patio and well organized. The place had good vibe inside, it had many premier league soccer jerseys the wall. We ordered fries with gravy, Irish bangers and mash, Scottish salmon, creole pasta and the potato puffs. We loved the potato puffs, the sauce was especially good. I wasn't big fan of Irish bangers but the pasta was delicious (creamy and rich). There were couple of decent vegetarian options too. The staff were super friendly and very helpful with suggestions.


Rick Hadsall

8 months ago

Harp and Crown is the kind of place I love and the kind of place every neighborhood needs. Authentic is a term that gets tossed around too casually - its difficult to achieve perfect authenticity for any type of restaurant or space; materials differ, regulations differ, supplies differ. But I will say this is an authentic American Irish pub, which is something to be. Irish favorites abound plus pub and gastropub options. Service is fantastic. Beer selection is not bad! Some local options - would love to see more of a focus on that as its ensconced in an amazing beer city and region. The space is comfortable, and outside is amazing. We left full and happy.


Tom Szelag

a month ago

I should come here more often, this is a good spot. Casual and easy, and the food is consistently really good at a very fair price point. Bangers and mash in particular I've really liked. I've been in a few times over the past few years and the owners are usually around and seem really nice. Worth checking out for a pub-ish experience!


Lana Decker

5 months ago

We came for dinner on Friday around 7pm and were sitted on a patio immediately. We ordered pretzels, Guinness pot pie and bangers and mash as well as cranberry mule and margaritta. First thing first - ask for salt immediately: this place would make your cardiologist happy, no salt was detected in either main dish (but pretzels had salt) We don't eat a lot of salt, but this was almost none. Other than that, food was very fresh. Cranberry Mule was better than margaita, but not as good as Guinness We will definitely come back for sandwiches and burgers.


Jill Kate Brooks

8 months ago

Highly recommend! We sat on the patio. Lovely setting, shade and sun options. Absolutely delicious shepherd's pie recipe. Hubs really enjoyed the fish and chips. We will definitely be back!

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