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adarsh srivastava

11 months ago

Nice park, neither too big nor too small. A small artificial beach is there and is adequate enough to satisfy any quench for a quick beach trip. Trails are good and clean. Parking space is sufficient and well maintained. Staff is kind and courteous. There is a common restroom near the beach, and the park have benches all around to sit back and enjoy nature.


Mark W

2 weeks ago

Wow lots of people here today. I drove in to check it out. I'm not local and wanted to see what the area has to offer. Park would be a great place to spend the day with the kids and bring a picnic. You will want to bring chairs and cooler. The place was packed no parking spots left but I still could see several tables and grills available. The lake is beautiful with nice clear water and Sandy shoreline, plenty of places to get in the shade. I saw a boat ramp and several people with kayaks and paddle boards. Also have public restrooms. What I didn't like... There is swimming allowed only in one small fenced area not any bigger than a public pool. I don't understand why I have never heard of anything like this in any park I have visited before. But if you don't care about that. You will enjoy it.


Adam W Nelson

a month ago

Overall, this is a pretty nice park. I can only imagine during the summer months this is extremely packed. The player for the kids was absolutely amazing. It is a three-story structure for kids to climb and enjoy all they can. It is heavily patrolled by security. It makes you feel safe. I would definitely take my kids back here.



a month ago

The 1st time i went it was beautiful, it was everything i needed at the moment. Just a beautiful natural scene with the sound of waves slapping the shore. It was pretty peaceful. The 2nd time I went it was almost the same atmosphere but less people. I'm not sure if the police was called or not but the Cornelius police department car was either making it rounds or someone called them because my boyfriend and I were there. Besides that, it was a great calming experience.


Alexia Sina

a week ago

It's a nice park for family with kids. It has a kid playground, a little zipline, little pier, and a small (really small) fenced beach with guards on duty (the weekend I don't know during week days). Unfortunately for safety reason we cannot enter the water at an other spot other than the small fenced beach, which is 3 feet deep, where you can't swim in it. So it's good for young kids but not for teenagers or adults.

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