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Nick Marryat

2 months ago

Cool vibe, good drinks and eats. Surprisingly busy for a Monday. Found it a little odd that the food was a self-serve type thing (order at the bar, pick it up at a separate window), but it was good nonetheless. Definitely recommend the Mexican Lager, found it tastier than Corona. Fries were well seasoned and burger was juicy. Ill be back for sure.


Robb Huntsman

3 months ago

The ONLY complaint is that you need to advertise that this is a self serve place i.e. you order at the bar, seat yourself and THEN you go get your food when ready. For those that travel this isn't something we know about or see a sign for. That said, staff was super nice, food was great and nice atmosphere. I got the Tremont club no tomatoes and sweet potato tots...unreal how good those were. Highly recommend



4 months ago

My favorite spot on a weekday after work or midday on the weekend because its so laid back and always love the music (think Blink 182, Newfound Glory, early 2000s punk) Nothing like grabbing a bite and a beer and sitting at the open window. Its a totally different vibe at night or on game days, can quickly turn into standing room only and get pretty loud. Not my scene at that point, but obviously many others love it for that, too. You get two different places depending on when you go, so plan accordingly.


Lanita Wilks

a year ago

So are we all going to just pretend that QC Pourhouse doesnt have the BEST bar food in Charlotte??? Ill argue with anyone who says otherwise. Great drinks, friendly service (sans one male bartender who wasnt the friendliest but *shrugs*), and bomb a** food! Best beer cheese Ive tasted in the city. Im addicted.



a year ago

Let's start this off like this...Queen City Pour House (QCPH) IS MY WATERING HOLE & BY FAR, ONE OF THE BEST BARS IN SOUTH END (I have loyalty to a couple of other places but this is def top five (5) for sure). It's conveniently located in the heart of South End on the corner of Tremont Avenue and Hawkins Street right down the street from Common Market (CM) South End, Bang Bang Burger, Sycamore Brewery, Hawkers, Shake Shack, Elsewhere, etc...It's in the core of South End. Atmosphere: QCPH always keeps the bar + restrooms + outside area immaculate. I never have to worry about fruit flies and just foul conditions because they keep it pure and unsullied. From the windows --- to the walls ---- QCPH is a place where you don't have to worry about a nasty environment. Staff: Probably some of the best staff in South End. Every bartender/bar-back/owner (J) are always not only professional and knowledgeable about their products, but all around amiable. Every time I go there, I feel like they are my family and you don't get that at a lot of places. I am a regular, but still, la familia for sure. Food & Beverages: 1-10....11+ for sure. They know their stuff. I've tried some of their items but my favorite by far, and the most original, are the hand-pies. So fu3kin' delicious and inexpensive for South End. Definitely worth the try. My friends always purchase the burgers or chicken tenders & it's always a win-win-WON situation. All in all, I would recommend, and I do, Queen City Pour House to all of my friends and family. It's definitely on the best neighborhood spots and I am a frequent visitor. Thanks for being some fu3kin' amazing and basically my 'kindred' folk. Cheers MATE$! ...::: TrizzyO_o :::....

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