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tinesha matthews

a week ago

This place is pretty and is supposed to be geared around the Queen Charlotte concept. I expected an unmatched level of service based on this idea. I dont drink but I met a friend here for cocktails. I figured I could have a mocktail or 2. I was the ONLY one in the place when I walked in. They told me I could sit wherever I wanted so I picked a spot. A young lady brought me the menu and I told her I didnt drink but that I was meeting a friend. I ordered a ginger beer. She asked if I wanted it in a glass. I waited several minutes. I figured they were making it fancy considering the atmosphere. NOPE. She brought me the ginger beer in a glass with no ice and a straw. No garnish....nothing. She asked if I wanted ice after she placed it on the table. I declined thinking are you serious? My friend finally came. She had several drinks and the waitress got more attentive. The drinks start at $15 and the small plates are overpriced. Even more than Capital Grille around the corner.


Theodore Baxter

2 weeks ago

Yesterday I was leaving the office a little later than normal (I work for BOA), I decided to stop in at Sophia's for a drink while waiting for my wife to join me uptown for dinner. I'd never stopped in before, but passed it many times on my commute to work. I definitely was pretty impressed to say the least; the decor was spacious and comfortable, while maintaining a slick luxurious feel. It wasn't too busy, there were a few people sitting around but nothing crazy. I made my way to the bar and found a comfortable open chair. I was promptly greeted by a friendly bartender and decided to order the Come on Spin - a spicy yet sweet margarita-esk cocktail that was perfect in helping me unwind from the shift I'd just left. I didn't get a chance to order any of the food, as I was waiting for my dinner reservation, but did manage to see a few items pass me while I was at the bar. Everything looked beautifully plated and delicious, will definitely have to go back soon after work to try out some of their food and few other cocktails.


Nicole Glaza

3 weeks ago

This is a really gorgeous bar! The theme seems to be 1920s Paris - very chic. So, of course, the drinks are pricey. Don't expect to pay less than $12 for a well drink. I mean, tito's is their cheapest vodka, if that gives you any indication. And you'll feel very out of place if you wear jeans.


Megan Lavalle

a week ago

If you're looking for an excuse to dress up and enjoy a craft cocktail - look no further. The staff is great and the drinks are perfect (Try Where's the Honey). On warm nights, the floor-to-ceiling windows open and make the perfect place to relax. A must visit spot for Charlotte nightlife.


Felicity Savage

2 weeks ago

Last week, on the advice of a friend, I decided to try out Sophia's Lounge with a few of my girlfriends and we definitely were not disappointed! We walked up the stairs off of 5th street and through the glass doors and were greeted with an interior that struck me as sleek, stylish, and posh. The windows that line 5th street were open from floor to ceiling, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly transitioned from a chic bar into the Charlotte cityscape while still maintaining a generally quiet and relaxing experience. Sophia's has only a handful of tables, however they fill the rest of the generous space with large comfortable couches and sitting chairs that create the perfect environment to enjoy one of their delicious cocktails and small bites. I had the After Midnight to start, which is a Gin based drink served in a champagne flute with an orange twist -- It was absolutely delightful and perfectly refreshing! One of my friends ordered the Last Word, served in a coupe glass, and even though it was a whiskey base, I found it really light with a nice ginger spice note to it. We also ordered the oyster sliders and the steak toast, both were delectable and quickly vanished from our plates. I definitely recommend this spot for anyone looking for a nice place to grab a drink after work, especially for those of us that like to wait out the rush hour traffic!