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Abby Armstrong

in the last week

You HAVE to try this place!! The dont Kale My Vibe cocktail is amazing! They really have out done theirselves, I would give it 10 stars if I could!


Bryan Montgomery

in the last week

We stopped in for a couple of drinks on February 3rd, got the check and left. Service was poor, but we tried to ignore it; drinks are overrated. Upon checking my bank statement, they added additional tip to my check above and beyond what I signed. And this mistake wasn't a simple transacription error, or something clerical. They added $5.95 to the original tip, and the total amount is one that you can't possibly "fat-finger". Apparently our server Sinclair felt that she DESERVED better despite her crappy service, and felt she had carte blanche to decide her tip. This tells me that it's commonplace, so check your bill with your bank. Sounds like Sofia's condones this sort of criminal thievery, too, because our repeated calls to them have not been returned. I'll be clear - it's not about the extra $5.95, I can more than afford that; rather, it's principal and about showing them that it's not okay. Joke will be on them. I've filed a report with my credit card company. Also, I'm writing the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General of North Carolina. This is stealing, fraud; I'm actually contemplating filing a police report just to stir the pot. Let's hope that 5Church and the Ivey's Hotel aren't also as shady. I hope that the responsible individuals are separated from their cushy job.


Rachel Wrede Meier

3 weeks ago

This story takes place in parts (both terrible in their own respects...so be prepared): A group of friends decided to head here for NYE. The website still had an option to purchase up to 10 tickets, but only 4 of us were able to do so before it sold out. Wonderfully, the keeper of the tickets eventually opened up 7 more for the rest of our group, and a final few the week before with the inclusion of a VIP table...if we paid gratuity for the bottle service. So we shelled out $200 for the tip (total, on top of the $130/person we had already paid), and went on with our plans. We got there in waves; some people walked faster than others. The first few of us got in fine. The place had about 20 people inside, but the rest of our group was made to wait outside (remember NYE? it was cold) because the bouncer said "We're at capacity." That was wrong on every level, but once the ticket checkers had figured out what they were doing, the cold girls in dresses were let in. Yay - let the fun times begin. I guess our server wasn't aware people were coming in that night because it took her about 45 minutes to set up the table (ice, bottles, mixers, etc). Meanwhile, we went to the bar and ordered drinks; it was all you can drink, so did it really matter where we got our beerages?! When the girl finished setting up our bottles, she disappeared - the bottles were locked up, so this was a problem. I could color the rest of the facts but they are: 1) The server took my husband's card to pay for a drink. It was $46. 2) The server was "not nice" (translate on your own). 3) The server got drunk. 4) The server was sneaking our liquor. 5) The server was texting throughout the night. (I have photos, but for the sake of the "not nice," I'll keep them to my friends and I.) I complained to the guy who sold us the VIP tickets, who immediately differed to the GM. She called me the next day and offered for my husband and I to come in and receive a better experience (at the expense of Sophia's). I countered that I would bring in the girls that were there, since everyone had the same mixed review. So here comes January 27. My three girlfriends and I are excited to come back and give the place a second chance. Me: "I'm Rachel, and we have a reservation." Team at the door: Blank stare...."Sit anywhere" as she gestures to couches. Me: "Well, we'd rather sit somewhere that we can eat." Door girl: "You can gave that table" ... as she gestures to a table for 8. Ok... New girl at the door: "We are getting a table ready for you." Awesome! This is the VIP service we have been waiting a month for! We are seated near the bar and given menus. We order drinks. She takes the menus (we hold tightly to one). What?! We are finally able to order a few plates. Extremely small and overpriced, even by small plate standards. You'd have to order at least 3 per person to begin to feel satisfied. Time to leave. We put $40 on the tab for a tip (no clue what the charge was, but that seemed fitting since we hadn't seen our server in about 45 minutes of empty drinks). The Manager comes up and asks if we are ready for our check. What?! "Um, we were here as guests of *manager* after our experience on NYE." He disappears. I text the woman: "Hey, we are here and they want us to pay for our meal, so I am a little confused." He comes back and tells us it's taken care of. She responds back: "Sorry, I don't worry there anymore." *face palm*face palm*face palm* It might seem like an okay enough place for drinks, but it's overly pretentious for consistently awful service, completely average food, and an atmosphere that can't figure out exactly what kind of vibe it has going on.


Kash Daji

3 months ago

Really nice atmosphere which is a stark contrast to the locales across the street from it. There is some trouble finding seating because instead of chairs and tables they have large sofas, but that is a distinguishing feature that I would not suggest they give up. Drinks are good to great depending on who the bartender is.


Steph Feli

a month ago

The vibe is awesome. It's definitely a mix of a Chicago or New York lounge. Great place!