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Deanna Mapes

11 months ago

Well, if you are looking for a place with great service and cold beer, might want to keep looking. First time here and highly disappointed. A nice short walk from the Blue Line light rail, the outside boasts of a bright colored "hole-in-the-wall" gem. With its small umbrella dotted patio which had all full tables, we were expecting a great experience. The interior was dark, which gave it that true tavern feel. Charging stations at the tables was an unexpected treat. The beers (draught)...depending on which one you ordered were not cold. Half of my party had cold, the other half was just a bit above room temperature. The food was typical "pub-type" fare and it was delicious. The bad part was how long it took to get a server (and there was only one who worked the whole place, inside and out, at lunch). Once our food came we immediately asked for the check because we weren't sure when we would see our server again. We ended up getting the bartender to close us out because our server never came back. All in all, a few perks in the visit, but with so many other places to eat along the lightrail line, it will be awhile before I return.


Jacob Schmid

3 months ago

Service was sloooww. Food was even slower. Party of 4, food came out in increments 5 minutes apart(not together) after an hour with only a half full restaurant. I had to ask for the side that came with my meal. Charged for ranch that the menu listed as coming with my chicken. Coleslaw was sour, as if it were rotten. Also, they charge a percentage to pay with a credit card. Let me repeat that, in 2022, THEY CHARGE A FEE TO PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD. 2 stars(really 1 star) because the spicy garlic sauce was legit. P.S. It's $17 to park and they do not validate parking.


Susan Puz

a month ago

Oh so sad. I just paid $40 for 2 drinks. NOTE... they did not have our top pick for Whiskey or Tequila. Settled for what's available. Still just not impressed. We visited the Chatlotte Brew House down the block, tipped well, quality liquor, six drinks, still paid less! Taking a walk...


Karla Coronado

7 months ago

If I can give this review a zero stars I would. I am embarrassed on behalf of this establishment to present a pasta as a macaroni and cheese when in fact it was no where near that of a dish. What they presented before our table was a version of hamburger helper with some rendition of a tomato sauce attempt . The pasta dish should be rename and described for what it truly is. I as a Demi chef would of loved to join the back and teach these cooks the proper way to Mac and cheese .


Bob D

a month ago

Security guy brought us a table from upstairs to sit at and watch the Bills game. He went above and beyond! Great bar and wings!

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