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Madison Duncan

a week ago

I cannot believe the service we received here. I know places are short staffed but this waiter took his sweet time when serving us and also had a terrible attitude while doing so. He messed up our checks, which I understand happens, but when you don't write things down or even pay attention to who got what food and who is separate checks then you cant really blame anyone but the waiter. He also brought a round of beer to the table even though we didn't order it. He said he thought we did order it and that we had to pay for it. I could not believe that. We obviously weren't going to pay for something we didn't order!! Also they charge a fee to use a credit card. Didn't realize restaurants did that..?? That should be stated up front so someone can pay with cash if they want. As far as the food, the wings were tiny with just a bunch of crust and the chicken tenders were dry. Maybe it was just a bad batch. Won't be going back though.


Dutty Dutt

4 weeks ago

This place is usually a great time when I've gone on the weekends this most recent experience the food took a really long time to come out & it wasn't very busy..... other than that I enjoyed myself as usual.


Eric Sill

a month ago

Tavern has been one of my favorite places to go in Charlotte for 8 years straight. Great people, good bar food, cold drinks. Everything you'd ever need


Don Bolles

a year ago

Great food, great atmosphere, and the staff were friendly and helpful.


Prudencio Ortiz

2 months ago

Hands down, a home away from home Bills bar , staff was super friendly, Wings were tasty like home and with the Blue Cheese, I was in town for work and wanted to watch the game and stumbled in to this place. What a treasure look fwd. to visiting again. Oh and not only was the bar staff and patrons decked put in Mafia gear, the people in general in that area were super friendly, I felt welcomed

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