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Thirty2 Wishes

a month ago

Beautiful modern hotel located in the heart beat of the city. The staff are awesome. Beds are comfortable and rooms are really nice and clean.


Keva Geter

2 months ago

Hotel nice but was disappointed with the breakfast included. It use to be a all you can eat bar and made to order, but now it's continental. That is not good for the money you pay. But they have a restaurant that you can go pay extra to have a nice breakfast. And this was all before covid .


Lee Delaino

7 months ago

I felt like I was staying in a budget, express hotel that didn't match up with the nightly cost per room (I was travelling for work so I didn't personally pay the cost). Two experiences at the hotel that are an example of this: room service felt like a Bite Squad delivery service rather than room service like one expects. They told me on the phone that they had moved from a traditional delivery (food on dishes, trays, etc.) to a more "environmental" approach--which really meant they delivered my food in a paper bag carrying plastic (pretty sure they weren't going to get recycled) containers like any other fast food place. The food was just ok--nothing special. The person that delivered the food was friendly enough, but interestingly, I was charged a $5 delivery fee and some other "service fee." Because the person who delivered just handed me the bag and left, I felt no desire to tip. It left me wondering if the wages the workers are being paid have declined since moving to this "new" food service method. The other experience was really minor, but increased my feeling of being in a budget hotel: I left my toothpaste at home and when I asked at the front desk for toothpaste, I was given a tiny single serve packet of toothpaste rather than a travel-sized tube. Cheap. Went and bought a tube later rather than continue to ask for little single-size packs. Not the kind of thing you expect from a nicer hotel. People who worked there were friendly enough and the room seemed clean (though the floors were a little sandy). I ate at the restaurant (Stoke) one night and it was very good with very good service. The conference food was just OK--nothing too special but satisfactory.


Maya Cannon

a month ago

I have been here for 2 weeks for job training it is always clean and the customer service is great. Salads are good also.


Victoria Heinzmann

4 weeks ago

Staff was amazing, room was very nice, bed was a dream. But mostly the Staff was so great!