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Tom Bertino, Jr

5 months ago

This is a great spot to meet up and hang out. Good size bar. Tons of tables. Nice patio. Tons of beers on tap. Amazing cocktails. The food is really good. Here's is the best part. The staff. Everyone here is friendly, and will make you feel at home. This place definitely deserves your patronage.



a month ago

I attended the the Panthers game with my family yesterday as we were walking back to the hotel we decided to give this place a shot. They wanted to sit outside..ok cool Oh you have to order at the bar because there is not any wait staff...what? Food is delivered by a runner who then pulls a disappearing act.. The menu is at best decent with some strange listings The family ordered...food came Appetizer sized portions.. I cook for a living so I look at plates a little differently.. Not impressed with what came out.. I ordered the cabbage rolls and they were horrible..chewy, stringy and lacking flavor of any kind.. They looked good but that is where the story ends.. I wanted to send them back but my brother said just forget it and don't worry about it. Let's not ruin the day.. Here's a pic of the rolls and I have the other pic of what I refused to swallow if need be. Never again...


Ellen M

a year ago

Awesome bar! Russ was our bartender and was pretty frickin' cool . He suggested drinks, joked, and made it a good time. Atmosphere was chill. We don't live in Charlotte, but we will definitely come back next time we are in the area!


Steven Darroch

2 months ago

Excellent service, great atmosphere and activities and the music was first rate. So glad we accidentally found the Public House. You should do it!


Paul W

3 months ago

I had a phenomenal time at this place. Staff, and even other guests, were all so friendly and welcoming. 48 beers on tap is insane and theyre good picks. The liquor selection and cocktail menu are also top notch. Had the wonton nachos and the chicken thighs. Both delicious. One hundred percent will be a staple stop in Charlotte for me. Thank you for the awesome time, Chris!

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