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Ashish Raju

9 months ago

Nice spot to grab a drink. Right across from the Marriott hotel. One of the few spots that we could find that was open around 4 and 5 pm in this area. No fancy cocktails. But has good beer on tap and standard drinks.


Denali Mike

9 months ago

If you like hip hop This is a the place! The service was fast and genuinely nice. I felt safe as the bar had security and bouncers. The music was loud. I did not notice a dance floor. However a pong tournament was going on


Gin Junior

5 months ago

This is an awesome bar that is great to go hang out at with coworkers or friends! They don't serve food, but they make up for it with every type of alcohol you can imagine! Our bartender James, was phenomenal. He kept me in good conversation, since I was the DD and kept the alcohol pouring for everyone else! They have lots of games, Jenga, beer- pong, darts, and others! For those that smoke, they even have a vending machine with cigarettes that takes credit cards. If you're looking for cheers, here it is.


La Rubia Telis

a week ago

Enjoyed drinks, sports on TV, and conversation with bar staff. The other customers were all male, besides me and my friend. We enjoyed it. There are games like beer pong and other things you can do for fun. I think they have a nightly DJ. This is a very close walk to many hotels near Omni and is not far from the Red-Eye Diner.


Terrance Mcmichael

a month ago

Okay this is a great place to unwind after hours. The drinks are reasonable and they also have a live DJ and games ( beer pong, big jingle and darts-not the real ones. Warning! This place can get crowded and suddenly you go from a seat to standing room only. Like and dislikes? I love the music and the atmosphere. Dislikes. It's a mix crowd (anywhere from suits to joggers. Leggings to damn near nothing.) Maybe that's not really bad now I say it out loud In my experience the best bang for your buck is Thursday - Sunday I'd say. Vape friendly place! Also has patio and back yard seating. Now I've never chilled on the patio nor have I ever seen this great back years area as of yet. Great part for me they close at 2am Overall 5/10

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