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Chris K

a week ago

Tyber Creek never disappoints! Huge 2 floor bar area, outdoor patio with games, and reasonably priced drinks! Always a decent selection of craft beer from near and far. I've never been during the day to try the food but I hear it is good from colleagues that have gone. If you are looking for a laid back drinking spot, give them a try for sure. You won't waste a trip.


Stephen Olejnicak

2 months ago

Great place to hang out and have a beer. The selection is great. They know how to properly pour a Guinness, too. Now, I detest Guinness, but I know when I've seen it poured in the correct manner. It's pretty nice and all the food we ordered was done very well except the shepherd's pie. I don't know if it was an off day or if it was normal, but it was missing any traces of the traditional herbs I'm used to, no rosemary or thyme or anything. I'll try it again another time, though. Everyone there was great, though. The entire staff was quick and friendly. You should expect a good time any day of the week.


John Timmes

2 weeks ago

Went here for a World Cup match between England and Columbia. My mates I were very excited when we saw the layout of the bar. It had an upstairs with an adequate amount of screens for the match. However, the experience turns sour very quickly. It took over 20 minutes in between drink orders to get our drinks. Eventually I had to start a new tab at the bar because our waitress disappeared. The bar was extremely under-staffed and seemed unprepared for a World Cup match. This is ironic because they had a giant inflatable soccer ball outside advertising specials for the tournament. If I could describe this bars performance in one word it would be: embarrassing.


Kaderin Wroth

4 months ago

Even though the food is excellent the service needs serious improvement. First off we did not get a bottle of water like every other table. Secondly they got our order wrong and did not bring our appetizer. Lastly we were rung up for something we did not order. Having been wait staff I always leave a really good tip. This time I did not becauae I felt the service was so ghastly all I left was less than 10%.


pk Lee

5 months ago

I was wanting to try out different pubs and eateries around Charlotte with a friend and thought it would be neat to check this place out due to the good reviews. However upon entering tonight with my friend we didn't feel very welcomed. When we came in, although we were greeted by the bartender, I courteously asked if we should wait to be seated or if we are welcome to sit anywhere (being a hostess at a restaurant myself, I simply didn't want to be rude and seat ourselves). No response, which was odd, so after a quick debate, we eventually sat ourselves at the bar. We were then abruptly asked if we would rather sit at a table by the bartender. Why though, when the bar is open seating and it's just the two of us? I understand that my friend and I look terribly young for being 23 and 24, however, that doesn't give anyone any reason to be rude like this. After graciously giving her our Id's for our beers she had a slight change in attitude. It could have been handled much better if she would have asked for our Id's first when we sat down if she wasn't so sure about our ages, which would have been completely understandable. Later a friend did want to meet up with us, so we felt it was better to get a table in the end. We respectfully closed our tab at the bar and took our table. The food wasn't too bad, hence the 3 stars. The service was mediocre. Loved the spinach dip. However I don't think I feel comfortable in returning to this place.