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South End

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in the last week

The most redeeming quality about this location is being the host for Food Truck Fridays. Their beer is good, but not particularly great. The crowds can get a little too much and parking is limited. Other than having to wait in long lines for a beer or some food, their summer sours are quite delectable.


Cory Meade

2 months ago

If you looking for good beer, Sycamore is the place for you. They've really done a good job over the years creating really fantastic beers, like the Peak Farm Double Pale Ale. I wish they would go back to some of the beers they experimented with their first year open, as The Airing of Grievances was one of the best beers in town. The place does feel a bit like a bar, which means when you're ordering, especially during peak traffic, you'll be in a line. Not a big deal, unless you're trying to get a growler filled to go. I guess you'll just have to drink a beer while you wait.


Dave Scaglione

3 weeks ago

Are you a banker bro? Do you like IPAs and light beers? Then you have come to the right place! All kidding aside, it's a good environment and setting, staff is friendly and the food trucks are great. But the beer is still really young and not matured yet. They'll get there someday.


Michelle Wilhoit

a month ago

Sycamore in my opinion has the perfect location on the rail trail. It is an easy walk from many of he local apartments/condos and has a large parking lot if you are driving. They always have at least 1 food truck option if not more (check there Facebook for the latest).


Jim Fisher

a month ago

Great craft beer offerings. Service is very good, but on weekends when very busy service is slow. Better staffing & management of staff during busy times is needed to get my 5 star rating. Cheers!