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Jon Busch

in the last week

The waitstaff is absolutely phenomenal. Very large spaces, both inside and out. Establishment is conveniently located right off of the Lynx Line at 36th street station. Everything is handicap accessible. When available, there is plenty of seating. The bartenders and staff are both extremely professional and knowledgeable in there trade. IE., describing the flavors and taste of multiple varieties of their fresh made beer. Which can be mixed, stand alone.etc.,. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself, each and every time that I've been there. The new mural that I've posted on here is both engaging and thought provoking. If you took the time to read this review, please take a 1/2 second and click like. Thank you.


Adit Misar

8 months ago

Very good ambience, indoor bar tables, a rooftop bar and proc tables outside. They also have a lounge area with couches. Located right next to a train station is a plus. The sour beer, what he's having, and the Vietnamese are worth a try. Also the food truck outside has a delicious pork Quesadilla


Haley Woodard

2 months ago

Wooden Robot has always been a favorite of mine, but I've been nervous to return post quarantine since they are usually so packed. Today we stopped by the new location and was blown away with how dedicated they are to keep their customers safe! Plenty of space and an easy to scan qr code for the menu. I repeatedly witnessed their bartenders remind people to wear masks while getting up and moving around the bar. This is the ONLY business I've seen do this. I've missed sipping their delicious beer so I'm super grateful they are taking customers safety seriously! Would highly recommend now and once this virus (hopefully) passes!



2 months ago

Unfortunately the guy behind the bar was unaccommodating. The party in front of me and my group walked in around 1025pm. There were 2 servers behind the bar, and one party ahead of us buying multiple T-shirts and swapping sizes. We were patient and waited our turn. The first bartender disappeared. 9 minutes later at 1034 the remaining bartender got to us and said, Yeah sorry we stopped serving at 1030. We both asked why he didnt help us or warn us we wouldnt be served and he said, Yeah lots going on but I can ask my manager, then walked away. I understand you wanted to sell some shirts but that was a terrible way to handle it. Definitely wont be coming here again.


Ryan Mcclinton

10 months ago

One of my top 5 breweries in Charlotte. Its a nice beautiful location easy access to light rail.. next to everything. In noda district. The beertenders need to have a little more urgency.. but fantastic beer great ambience i like the rooftop!