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Nicole Mullis

2 weeks ago

Absolutely love Vintner Wine Market. They have an outstanding collection of bottles and a nice small plates menu. We got a Charcuterie board, wine, and crab dip. They were quite busy when we went, so we sat at the bar. The Charcuterie board was fantastic and one of the major reasons I will go back - you get to pick your own cheeses from a nice selection. A nice cheese menu is extremely hard to find in Charlotte, so go here if you want choices. The place is much bigger inside than it looks from the outside. It is a little hidden in the Arboretum too so the first time going is a little strange.


Melissa Smith

6 months ago

Terrible service! Went in for a glass of wine a little after 10 and the place was dead, even though they still had almost an hour left until closing they refused to serve us. Asked to speak to the manager and she was more rude than the server, was told that "she knew what the sign said, but they are a privately owned establishment and they can close whenever they feel like it. Have a nice night!" Will NEVER return and 100% regret buying my boss's gift card from there!


Shanica Johnson

11 months ago

Just left here and will never come back. I walked around the place which is relatively small at least 3 times searching for a bottle of one of my favorite reds. Not a single person acknowledged me or offered to help. I waited for one of the workers to finish s conversation he was having as I was waiting in line to speak to him. He looked me directly in my eyes and refused to acknowledge me. Do not spend your money here


Christopher Whelchel

a year ago

I always love visiting and it has become a staple meetup for my friends. The beer selection is amazing so don't let the name fool you! Also, you should REALLY try their flat bread pizzas as they are surprisingly good. The menu is impressive and many folks don't know they serve food! The staff is very knowledgeable and laid back.... serious cool folks.


Jason Silva

a year ago

Nice and laid back. Didn't notice any snobs. Good mix of beer and wine. Friendly helpful staff. We'll be back.