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Matthew Tessnear

in the last week

Parking could be a better situation (as theres no lot and you have to park on the street), but the food makes it worth it! The burgers are excellent. Absolutely get the Ace with the comeback sauce. And the fries are top notchbattered and crispy. Plenty of seating for such a little restaurant building. This is indeed a must-visit spot!


Lanita Wilks

a year ago

Lets talk about this fried bologna sandwich! I was looking for a good burger and while perusing the menu I came across the bologna sandwich. Im a country girl who loves bologna! The best bologna sandwich I have eaten from a restaurant was from Goody Boys in Columbus, OH... but THIS one gave it a run for its money! The homemade pickles, the friend onions... just delicious. The fries were delicious and I got the garlic Mayo to dip them in. I cant wait to visit again and try a burger. Yum!


Fre C

a month ago

I love Ace No. 3! It's the best burger place in Charlotte, hands down! I've been here many times since I've moved to the area and the food is always delicious and fresh. The music is also amazing and the customer service is spot on. I've been to the Belmont location and Myers Park location. Parking is limited in the Belmont location, so I usually park on the street.


BenaKaty D'Amore

a week ago

Let me start out by saying. The food itself RIPS. Best burger Ive had in Charlotte. However, a restaurant is only as good as its staff and service, which was very weak for my visit. The lady who took my order didnt say but two words to me through my entire order, instead, she was focused on drinking her boxed apple juice and chatting with other staff about how she was rather upset that others were going on break when she had been there the longest. I asked about how many pickles usually come on the Ace Burger and her reply was there is pickles on the sandwich. Like, nice, thanks. Ordered onion straws and sweet potato tots that didnt come with the sauce they were supposed to. But another customer came in who Im assuming she knew, she asked that customer what sauce they wanted and offered to provide all three. Small things like that do make a difference. Some piece of equipment to makes shakes was also apparently down so I wasnt able to order the shake I was hoping to get. I would have loved to give this place 5 stars because the food on its own truly deserved it. But, this type of service is the type of thing that can put someone off from ever coming back or recommending a place ever again. Hope at some point they address the staff issue.


Nancy C

a year ago

My mouth is watering just typing out this review. Their food is the BOMB!! Best. Burgers. Period. You ever heard of a little burger chain called In-N-Out? If you have, ACE is 100x better! Never heard of In-N-Out? well after you Google em go and eat an ACE burger so you'll never have to know what In-N-Out tastes like cuz ACE is better. Delicious burgers. Simple but effective menu. Fries are perfectly made. Please please please get a milkshake! Your taste buds won't know what hit em! Absolutely appreciate that ACE uses biodegradable packaging for all their take-out (I see you corn-based milkshake cup and paper straw). I was blown away by the care and craft of this burger joint. Other businesses need to follow suit and learn a thing or two. ACE, you're my favorite place for take-out and I'm so happy you're a bike ride away or I'd be gaining some serious poundage eating your burgers all the time.

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