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Burgers are the stars at Bad Daddy’s. From the basics to their signature burgers to being able to customize your own, Bad Daddy’s has something for every diner.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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M Tickler

in the last week

Moving sidewalks are a big help. Several interesting concessions, especially the candy store. Well lit, high ceilings, very nice architecture throughout. Waiting areas were adequate, I had a recharging station all to myself. Some Starbucks were closed and some were open, so if you see an open one, go there, because the next one may be closed. The sunshine made it look very nice like an outdoor market. Along the moving sidewalk are trees so it really changes the atmosphere of an airport. Probably the most beautiful airport I have ever experienced!



a month ago

It has been a long time since i had to fly into this airport and I was dreading the long layover. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much has changed over the years here. Wireless phone charging int he chairs, trees in the walkways, and an overall great vibe. They made a lot of efforts to ensure your time spent here is as comfortable as it can be in an airport. Well done!


Tammy Davis

2 weeks ago

It was busy today but everyone has on a mask. (Most of them even had them over their noses and mouths. And most people were careful about the 6 ' rule. I like the Charlotte airport. It's easy to find your way around.


John Franklin

in the last week

I received my luggage promptly at the baggage claim upon my arrival at Charlotte International. Like a lot of other airports, your choices of where and what to eat are limited while on the premises. My flight landed at 8:34pm. Unfortunately, most restaurants in the airport were completely shut down by that time. It's a quandry for airline passengers; you can't bring much food into an airport with you, while at the same time, a number of airport restaurants have gone belly up during the pandemic. At the same time, domestic flights aren't providing their passengers anything other than a cup of water and a small bag of crackers or pretzels. Best advice: go have a good meal either at home or in a restaurant before you arrive at the airport. You won't regret it.


Tiffany Gilly-Forrer

2 weeks ago

Clean, appealing, and cute airport, but a bit crowded and small. They are building more to it so perhaps the problems of crowding will improve. Good service though and lots of places to eat, drink, and sit. Love the rocking chairs, nice southern touch.