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Gabrielle Cuffee

a month ago

I loved this place. It was quick the pizza was good and giant for around 4-5 dollars. The crew was very helpful and the atmosphere of the place was relaxed and yet still edgy. They also have beer on tap and a cool wall of customer made paper plate art. You gotta check it out for yourself!


Nicole Offenheiser

3 weeks ago

Amazing pizza in the NoDa area of Charlotte. Huge affordable slices and gigantic whole pizzas. One of these pizzas can easily feed a whole family of 4. Great atmosphere and location. Open late and a great place to wander over after getting a drink down the street. Even after 10pm they were busy but they handle it well. Quick to order and the food is ready quickly as well. Some of the best pizza I've had!!


SunShine Johnston

2 months ago

First time visiting this restaurant and the pizza is truly good. I got a slice of cheese pizza and a slice of bacon cheeseburger pizza. $9 dollars and change for both and well worth it. The staff is very friendly and what a pleasant place to walk into. The art on the wall is nice. The bathroom was decent as well. I will definitely go back when back in the area.


Kathleen Temple

a week ago

Giant size pizza slices, plus to die for yummyness. Cooked to perfection...thin crispy buttery layer on top of the gooey cheese and the pepperoni had a hint of crispy as well. Great sauce and crust!!! It's been over a week and I'm still dreaming about this pizza!!!


Ryan Martin

in the last week

Stopped in because a co-worker recommend it to me. Fantastic pizza. There is a reason he(and now I) will drive an hour for a couple slices!