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a month ago

Randomly found this place searching on Google maps after a night on the town in Queen City. I saw It had a ton of reviews and decided to give it a try. The Carolina game had just finished and the line was out the door, I almost drove off, but I'm sure glad I didn't. Had a blast sitting in line trash talking waiting for my chance at a slice of pizza (seeing as near closing time they stop selling whole pizzas and you have to come buy slices). The atmosphere was nice and so was the customer service (quick in and quick out). And the pizza was amazing for the price and the slices were HUGE, they have to give you each slice on two paper plates and if you order to go three slices have to be put in a large pizza box!


Andrea Wraight Doncel

9 months ago

Oh my head. Never again. Pizza was fine and customer service at time of ordering was fine. Weve been there before and never had any problems. When we walked in there today there was loud heavy metal. I actually prefer rock music so this was fine for me. And I figured that thered be some variety anyway. How about they next played thrash music. This is Monday at noon. Again, we figured they would play one or two songs and switch it up. They did not. The music would have been offensively loud on its own but then you add how unpleasant it was. My husband was going to ask them to play something else and please turn it down so we could enjoy our friends conversation but the two guys he approached were actually grooving so hard to the music that they didnt notice him. He made a judgment call that folks that are so focused on themselves instead of their customers would not react well and suggested instead that we just leave. Definitely will never return.


Carlos Rodriquez

3 months ago

So this past Friday my neighbor was cut off by the manager of this place and could have been seriously hurt. Keep in mind I witnessed the following but didn't know my neighbor was involved till the next day. The manager made a left onto N. Davidson then an immediate right onto a side street. In doing so he failed to yield to the bike lane and used no signal. My neighbor had no where to go and slammed into the car on his scooter. My neighbor told me tonight that not only did the manager never ask if he was okay. tonight my neighbor found out the manager banned him from Benny's. My neighbor being the kind of guy he is even offered to help the manager pay for his deductible when he saw how upset the manager was about his car. How did my neighbor do anything deserving of being banned. Benny's clearly has infants in charge. Boycotting in protest


Andrew Joyce

a week ago

Love the pizza here. Just a warning, if you're going to get a whole pizza to go, make sure your car is big enough for the box haha. Jokes aside the pizzas won't fit into small cars like a fiat 500.


Sam Will

a month ago

I LOVE the pizza at Benny's. Huge slices, amazing prices and I come here at least 3 days a week. Unfortunately my experience has been marred by an associate named Dan. Last night I waited for 45 minutes for my slice and he seemed to constantly be doing anything else than helping. He was practically screaming about things honestly inappropriate in a workplace and acting as if he was drunk or under some sort of influence. It made me incredibly uncomfortable and he was extremely snippy and rude when I asked how much longer my pizza might be. I love Benny's but I don't know how long it'll be until I come back with that man working there. He creates a horrible experience and borderline harasses everyone.

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