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Ines Rios

a week ago

This pizza is huge! Delicious and incredibly big slices and pies! Its next to a brewery that gets all the attention and it could definitely get a better sign but curiosity will attract you to this place where people leave with giant pizza boxes. Sitting outside is very limited but we did take out and got to enjoy a night of delicious pizza at home while laughing at people trying to fit a box of pizza in the front sit of a regular car



in the last week

Great prices for the size of the slices! only major let down was the ranch that tasted nearly identical to Kraft. Some homemade ranch wouldve gone a long way here. RIP. Went for the first time today and enjoyed it tho.. just get better ranch.


Dustin Wallace

a month ago

Benny's has some of the best pizza around. The slices are huge. A single slice is typically enough for a meal in my experience. One full pizza is great for a party. The quality of the pizza is top notch. Especially when you add in the hot sauce. I never used to put hot sauce on pizza but it's honestly the best way to get the Benny's experience. The people working there have always been friendly and helpful too. I make a point to swing by Benny's pretty much every time I find myself in NoDa these days


James Reese

a year ago

Whenever youre in NoDa you have to stop by this place. I mean just look at these slices!


Carissa L Perry

a month ago

Phoned in order right at opening time. Decided on a 28" whole, with half pepperoni/ Italian sausage and half Versace (pepper/ onion/garlic pesto), for our team of 6. Was given the option to cut in 8 slices or 16 slices or square. We opted for max slices. Food was ready in about :20. So big, I had to transport in the trunk of my car. Filling and tasty with none leftover. Appreciate they discount for military. Overall, good experience from start to finish.

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