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RuthAnn Way

a month ago

The only reason I am giving this place a two stars is because of the person who served us. He was amazing. Our food did not come out together. Which, is not asking for much for a family of four. My childs burger was ordered well done. It came out rare. Sent it back it came back medium rare and it was the same burger that she took a bite out of. As I am aware that is against food service regulations. Thankfully she was not sick so the rest of the people eating there after us is safe.


Sandy Beaty

a month ago

Our visits to Big View Diner are always wonderful! It doesn't matter if we go for lunch, dinner or 9 pm at night. The service is always great and so is the food. Great food for a great price with a super staff! Very impressed!


Irini Kay

a week ago

As always food is delicious and freshly cooked...Believe this is the best diner in Charlotte.. And I am from NYC...therefore my experience is a demanding one!! When in Charlotte this place is a MUST!!( time we had steaks.. But every thing is really good...Do not forget to taste their in house made cakes and sweets!


troll addictions

2 months ago

Big view diner has recently changed there menu. Although I still give this Diner 4 stars for the amazing customer service and atmosphere. Your lasagna is horrible now. I ordered lasagna to go and came home and thought they gave me the wrong dish. It's shelled pockets of marinara, white cheese with a sauce. I was so disappointed . I took a bite but was not that great. I will never order it again. They do have other items that are great on there menu, but lasagna was one of my favorites.. disappointed I paid 18.79 for a meal I can't even eat!


Mikaela Way

a month ago

My waiter was very nice but the food wasnt the best. Had to send my burger back twice because it wasnt cooked well done. They microwaved it instead of cooking it. Didnt eat it and asked to have it taken off the bill. Didnt even take a bite of it and I had to fight to get it taken off. Terrible just terrible