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Miranda Mansfield

4 months ago

OMG!! How has it taken me so long to find this place?! I've been searching for a bubble tea place near me and never found anything worth spending money on. Binki Cafe knocks it out of the park with their bubble teas! They also offer many other drink options as well as dessert, and a full menu! My go-to is a Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Tapioca, 50% sweet, and oat milk YUM! 10/10 recommend!


Muria Walker

9 months ago

Absolutely love the atmosphere,the menus is a bit hectic. Completely got surprised that they served food as well! The staff was super nice and helpful. I was able to sample the Sakura drink before I made up my mind which was a big help. They were quick and efficient which is always a plus.


Lauren Ashley

a year ago

Love the ambiance of this Cafe. It's definitely unique. I got an iced coffee that is perfect. The kiwi green tea is phenomenal as well. The decor is so fun. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and most importantly PATIENT. I had a lot of questions and there was a line out the door. Oops. They sell noodle dishes as well. Ramen, stir fry, etc. Very cool place. 10/10 recommend.


Richard White

9 months ago

We truly enjoyed this local treasure! Binkis offers an outstanding variety of drinks, bubble tea, shacks, ice cream and more! We enjoyed our Sunday!


Leah The Gaming Donut

5 months ago

I started going to Binki cafe after hearing about it through a friend. When I first got their Taro milk tea with tapioca pearls. I enjoyed it however, it the tapioca pearls inside (boba) were soft and way too mushy. I kept going to the place because my other favorite cafe was closed on Wednesday. The Milk teas just got worse and worse as I kept going. Although the cheap price(regarding the milk teas) the quality of the items there are terrible. The two stars are for the design of the cafe and how it looks. Food wise, Binki Cafe is overpriced (ramen,Asian snacks etc) and the quality of their drinks are terrible.

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