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Gwendolyn Brown

4 months ago

The experience was good overall and the food was good; pizzas were coming out fresh and hot with no waiting. However, my children were a bit disappointed to find the arcade had so many broken machines; there were only 4 that were working. Please fix ASAP because this is an added bonus of why we come here over other pizza options.


Yolanda Smith

2 months ago

This place stays busy. The doors never stayed closed long enough for the staff to keep up. When I was there the dining area was filthy. The staff was nice though and you can see them making an effort. They also were nice enough to make the pizzas that I requested.



2 months ago

The kids love this place. I like the variety of pizzas, but the employees have trouble keeping up with demand in the buffet. Especially pepperoni. I miss the service where you could request any kind of pizza.


Claudiu Oros

a week ago

I am wholeheartedly convinced that Cicis pizza is the finest dining establishment in the US. Healthy? Eh. Good? Hell yeah!


Gabby C.

5 months ago

Not as good of a deal as it used to be, as you could get a large pizza from any chain for less than one buffet, but still relatively cheap, and there are lots of varieties of pizza to choose from. The lettuce on the salad bar was completely brown, and there was a hair in the brownie, but if your immune system is strong, and you're looking for an affordable family outing, kids dig the place.

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