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Tyler Ballam

3 weeks ago

Great quality food! The atmosphere seems like it would be great for game day events. Good value as well, as the portions are good and combos between sushi, burgers, and sides are available. Only regret was digging in before taking a picture!


Oscar Thomas

a week ago

I ordered a Hang over burger and fries they both arrived barely warm The Burger actually tasted good after removing the cold fries from the burger. My wife did the smart thing and sent her warm food back to be replaced with Hot food which she enjoyed and said she would return. I get tired of expecting a hot meal and should have sent my meal back as well. I was excited to try this place for the first time. This is my first food review maybe I should have just informed the Mgr of my experience and expectations. Dont think it worth follow up visit


Ethan Crater

a month ago

We have tried take out and dine in and both were amazing. The burgers are out of this world and we definitely need to go back to try more of the menu. The Caballero burger is awesome, and the sushi rolls we have tried were also very good. I cant remember the last time I was out and had a burger this good. Not going to name names but if you're a fan of a restaurant that likes crimson birds you should try Blacow. Not even a close competition, go to Blacow and try a better burger.


Vincent Woodard

5 months ago

Great place to go on a casual date or meet up. Good atmosphere and great burgers. My wife got The Nutty Goat with turkey burger and she said it was one of the best burgers she ever had! I got the Korean Burger and that was also really good (a little spicy) but good. The only knock I can mention was the sweet potato fries were not cooked all the way through so some were soft and some were fried hard. Other than that I would definitely recommend this place.


Andrew Morton

a year ago

Just visited Blacow! Staff was very friendly and attentive, though they struggled to operate the computer system and were not very familiar with the menu. Understandable given how new this location is. Rainbow roll was great. Nutty Goat burger was fantastic. Prices are reasonable. $12 gets you a burger and fries. Dont expect the burger to be gigantic. Most places like Bad Daddies charge $15 bucks just for a burger with no sides. Blacow keeps their prices reasonable by serving you a perfectly reasonable 1/4 ish lb burger with fries. Flavor wise, one of the best burgers I have ever had. Try this place out! You wont be disappointed.

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