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Jonathan Douglas

in the last week

I struggled to write this review as I thoroughly enjoy WWC's food (especially the ranchilada wings) but yesterday's visit was horrible. Upon arriving at this location we were not greeted at the host desk by a single soul. We took it upon ourselves to flag down a waiter and asked to he seated. Once seated, it took our waitress 5-8 minutes before asking us what we would like to drink. After we ordered, none of the runners could tell us who's meal belonged to who and the food was also lukewarm. While eating our food we had to continue to get up and down to ask for refills on drinks from the bar. Also during this time we observed numerous members of the wait staff consuming food while at the kitchen window where guests food is being prepared and not washing their hands before serving our food as well as other patrons. When requesting our check for our meal we were made to wait for an additional 25 minutes. In all, we had hoped to enjoy a nice night out at our local restaurant and unfortunately were met with fast food level service and food quality.


Corey Hart

in the last week

Service was turrible. I understand being short staff however this was ridiculous. Everyone in my party complained of waiting over 30 minutes for a beverage. I was there for an hour and one guy had still not received his drink. Young lady said at one time she couldn't put anymore orders in at the time. This was around 9:30.


Tammy Bryant

a week ago

Waited forever for 12 wings that were room temperature and hard. The Spinach dip was burnt and dried out. I had to get them to do it again. The only wine they had was chardonnay. I asked the waitress if they had silverware and other than plastic she said she had to check and never brought me the silverware. My bill was $22 I gave her $40 cash as she actually asked me did I want change.I'm trying to figure out what type of waitressing did she think she did to earn$18. Byeeeeeee


Angela Williams

7 months ago

Every time I dine here, the wings are fried hard and are very crunchy. I cant seem to catch them at a time where the wings arent over cooked.


Josh Intoppa

6 months ago

Wings were good and the server was awesome. It was a very slow day and it still took a good amount of time to get our food.

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