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Hamlet Arias

5 months ago

This was our first time here, on a Sunday evening. The restaurant is about a quarter full. But they only had two cooks, two servers, and one bartender. The place looked pretty dead. The restaurant itself is nice, spacious, and they even have a stage for live music. We had the crispy chicken sandwich and a grilled chicken sandwich. Our server was doing his best to keep our drinks full and got our orders to us as quickly as he could. I believe the he was the only server and the supervisor was helping him serve the tables. Our food took o we half an hour to get to us and they forgot the cheese sticks. The crispy chicken sandwiches were pretty good, I liked their secret sauce. It was like a matchup, mayo, and pickle flavor. Worked really well with the chicken, though it was over cooked. In the flip side, the grilled chicken. Was almost raw and cold. We had to send it back and swapped it for a crispy chicken sandwich. I would give this place another shot, but I would wait for them to hire more staff.


Taylor Williams

11 months ago

there were literally four bones in my one chicken wing and this happened multiple times. almost all of the wings were overcooked and burnt to a crisp, and most of the bones were broken in half like 23 out of 25 wings. we couldn't even tell the sauces apart and the quality of the wings was just disgusting. I couldn't even eat some of them but I would give this one star if any. I literally grew up eating wild Wing Cafe so I don't understand why this one is so different than the rest of all the other ones I've ever been to. I'm literally I'm going somewhere else to buy us dinner right now because it looks too disgusting to eat. Like there we're still fried feathers and some of them and most of them broke apart as we were eating them, I've never eaten wings like this and I'll never be ordering from here again. This was an absolute waste of $40 and my husband saidhe doesn't know how this place is still in business with food like this. Very disappointed, do not eat here. Management, fix your restaurant. My wings were practically out of something like Frankenstein.



3 months ago

I think the best thing is the unique wing flavors. I gave the four because the meal & service overall. The hostess actually ended up being our server she was nice & helpful. I definitely recommend the spicy peach flavor wings. I personally didn't like the maplelicous or the bubbas bbq. The wings themselves were good even though some did seem just sauced and not as hot as the others that could be how the sauces are made... The bleu cheese & ranch seemed homemade and tasted really good. I don't think the fries are worth the price though. As you can see in the pictures it's not a great amount of fries for $6 and they are not seasoned. I did see a relation as to other comments there was a worker kinda of working and sitting with a customer/friend having a conversation that shouldn't be heard from customers if they are on the clock. Management /owners may need to look into this asap to fix business.


Quanda Johnican

8 months ago

I would give this place a zero if I could. I ordered food Saturday night for my kids, because we stayed at the Hilton by the restaurant. Online stated my food, would be ready by 1115pm(which I ordered at 1030) so I walked over there. The online person came inside, I gave her my name and she stated I just bagged your food. Liar..She came back to me and stated they already turned the grill off for tonight, so I received a refund on the receipt for my daughter burger. She also stated they were preparing my food, but I thought you already bagged it. A long wait, she brought the food to us and I walked back to my room. Got to my kids room, my daughters asked where was the fries- absolutely none in the box. I went upstairs to charge my phone to call back abt the fries and opened my box to feathers on my chicken. Who would even put that in a box for a paying customer. I kept calling, no one would answer the phone so again I walked back over there. The young lady from online was like, what is this I said feathers and who would serve this. The manager came over and I requested my money back. His response, I dont know why they would even put this in your box. Exactly, but he gave no apology and refunded me my money. I'm waiting for my 60.00+ to hit my back acct. I won't ever step foot back in here again. JUST NASTY, LOOK AT ALL THE FEATHERS ON THE CHICKEN. WHY EVEN PUT SAUCE ON IT WHEN CLEARLY THE FEATHERS ARE VISIBLE.


Aneshia Kennedy

a year ago

Only reason Im rating this as 1 star because of the sweet girl at the pickup order line. Desiree was amazing and took my order perfectly. I tried to place this order online and received a notification to call the store for further assistance. I called the store at least 5 with no answer before riding up there. It is Thursday so one of the busiest nights during the week. I asked Desiree was the phone broken and she assured me it wasnt, she just couldnt hear it which I get because of the location and the loudness in the building. I placed my order everything was great she sent it to the kitchen and said it would be a 25-30 minute wait. I told her I wanted it ready for pickup at 9:30. So she ran back to the kitchen to let them know to hold off on making it until later so it could be hot and fresh when we picked it up. She assured me they would wait. I paid. Got my receipt and went home. My husband went to pick the food up on the way home from work. He called me at the restaurant around 9:30. The food was completely cold. No visible sauce on the wings. Pizza COLD. Onion rings COLD. CHICKEN WINGS COLD. Not even like warm but cold. Im pretty sure they made the order and let it sit there for an hour and knowingly still gave us this food. Did not include our celery either. Very disappointed as this was our first time going here. Not satisfied with the quality of our food at alllll. Not satisfied with the online experience and the fact that no one was answering the phone so I had to physically drive to this location. Only thing that made this get a star was DESIREE and her upbeat personality and customer service

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