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Owned by a cousin duo from South Carolina, Cuzzo's Cuisine is an absolute must for quality southern cooking. Their shrimp, hot wings and lobster mac 'n cheese are crowd favorites that will always satisfy comfort food cravings.

Cuisine Type: Soul/Southern

Ambience: Casual

Price: $$

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UniQuely D'Zigned

a year ago

The staff is Friendly and the food is Fire


Ashanti Munir

a month ago

We ordered online because there an hour wait. We got there 1 hour later and the lady that greeted us assumed we wanted to order at that and said Its an hour wait! What she should have is Did you place an online order? What's the name? Nevertheless the food was delicious. I had lemon pepper wings with rice n beans. My daughter had the red velvet waffles with chicken and we got 2 childrens chicken and rice bowls that were the perfect size. They really need help with a system that flows. It was a little chaotic.


Regina Hayes

3 weeks ago

First time visiting Cuzzo's. I ordered oysters/fish/lobster mac; husband - shrimp and lobster mac. The breading on the oysters was overdone, but the oysters were not. The fish and lobster mac were a bit salty. My husband thought his shrimp was bland. Three stars because the serving size of both meals was good & the staff pleasant. . I'm on the fence and really want to support this business. I'm going to try again just in case it was an off day.


Sir Malachai

7 months ago

Never tried the food but this place is quite popular. They stay packed but the wait time for orders seems to be quicker than most places. There is one lady behind the counter that BE ON IT! She is EVERYWHERE at once & she's so tiny BUT she is loved but the customers and goes above & beyond to keep the lines moving on both sides of the counter!


Ashley Bautista

11 months ago

I came inside yesterday for the first time and today for the second. Excellent food, however the customer service wasnt so good. Im not sure if the ladys name was Shaun or Dawn, I couldnt hear through the security guards mask. When I walked in, only one person greeted me, which was the white girl. I was confused about the process. So therefore, I stood in the pickup line for about 5 minutes. When I finally got to the counter, one of the young ladies told me that the lady, Dawn, would take me at the register. I went to the register & expressed to her that I was in the wrong line. She proceeds to say thats why we ask are you picking up an order or needing to place one. I laughed and brushed it off. She also had her wireless headphones in her ear, TALKING ON THE PHONE while trying to take my order. That just proves the reason WHY I received shrimp and lobster macaroni instead of shrimp and fries that I ordered. I took the food when they brought it to my car because I didnt have time to wait. Like I said, the food was amazing but service could have been better.

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