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Ricky Sanders

in the last week

Food seemed good and drinks were great, but date and myself got mild food poisoning. This was the only food we ate all day until after the problems started. I didn't check reviews and sadly others have had the same problem. I'll be calling their corporate office to let them know this is an ongoing issue. I suggest waiting a few months to let them fix this situation. I'll also be requesting a refund as I had to throw away my to go desert and my leftovers in fear it may cause similar problems.


Marni Arnold

4 months ago

Service? Excellent. Food taste? Good Food quality? Not so sure. Restaurant cleanliness? From what I saw, it was clean (but couldnt see the kitchen). And saw a sign for the inspection grade on the way out: 97.5%. My husband, son and I ate here for lunch yesterday, and all three of us wound up with a tummy issue later on in the day (started about 2 hours after we left, and lasted into the evening). Again, we didnt see the sign for inspection rating until we left, and upon leaving I hoped we wouldnt get sick. Unfortunately, we did. We didnt get super sick, but we definitely had tummy issues. Not going back anytime soon. Going to keep an eye on the inspection rating before we do.


Jeffrey Sauer

3 months ago

I usually come here for the food and margaritas. I've become a regular at Zapata's and every single time the service and food stay consistently flawless. Bathrooms stay clean and stocked up. All staff welcome you like family. I highly recommend Zapata's for the next time you're craving Mexican food! Gracias!


Jesse V

4 months ago

Been a customer for about 5 years now and have eaten here dozens of times. I really enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere and location. The staff are super friendly and I feel like this is the best mexican in university area without a doubt. They have excellent prices especially during lunch hours. I always get the tacos with no beans and extra rice. The food is fresh and always hot. Love it!


Marcelle M

3 weeks ago

I hate Zapatas. I thought the service was good while there. I noticed my group got special treatment for having being a group so they were more patient to us then the other patrons. What I hated was as this was my first time going, my order didnt have what I repeatedly asked for on it. It end up just coming with meat and a tortilla. The quality was mediocre, no flavor whatsoever. The meat (steak) was also tough. Even though the food was easily the worse I ever had a Mexican restaurant because of its blandness, what really ticked me off is I spent quality money on it (already slightly oveepriced) and still tipped, but when I checked my bank account, apparently my tip wasnt good enough, more money was added onto my bill that I did not approve of. I will now keep electronic copies of receipts on my phone of how much I put down so that this will not occur again. You really have to watch out for places like this smh. Stay away from here and just pay cash if you have no choice to but to go. And do not expect a tasty meal.