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Charles Walker

a month ago

Stopped for lunch before a flight and our family of 4 ahared the 3 meat platter. We had the chicken, brisket and pulled pork with the greens and mac and cheese. I thought it was a great BBQ meal for an airport restaurant. The meat was succulent and the sauce was paired with it nicely. Topped it off with a tasty slice of pecan pie. Recommended!


Donald Cook

a week ago

Nice place to get some BBQ while waiting for a flight at CLT. Food is good, and the portions are good as well. The only thing about this place that's I don't like is the prices. Eating at This place will cost you. But of course it is at an airport....


Apostle Linda Guy

2 weeks ago

This is in the Charlotte Airport. I stop to get a Beef Brisket Sandwich or Dinner going or coming from my destination. It is so tender & the sauce just puts it over the top. Experience great Airport food at Charlotte, NC


The Wellness Mindset

3 weeks ago

Best grits Ive had since my visit to North Carolina would be in an airport. The breakfast tasted just like it was made from home. The staff was pleasant at 5:30a and helped me choose my breakfast preference. $13 for 4 piece bacon 2 eggs grits and a biscuit is the average price where im from. Dont miss this place when your walking to your gate today


Mike Mallinson

2 months ago

Honestly, coming from California I've mythologized BBQ from across the country where they supposedly know more than we do of the slow and low secrets. That mythology was proven to be nothing more than myth today, however. I saw zero smoke ring, I tasted zero smoke flavor. There was no bark, the fat was not rendered, and the meat wasn't even chopped across the grain. I had to use not only a knife, but I had to use sauce to give this jellied lump of protein any flavor. The only redeeming features were the sides. The collards were tender but not mushy and incredibly flavorful. The fried okra was delightful, and the sauce added much needed flavor to the flavorless que and moisture to the dry hush puppies. 2/5 - I might come back if it was the only thing open, but only for the sides.

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