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Amy Harris

3 months ago

I dont write a lot of reviews but had to write this. We love the glazed croissants. But I got my husband a cinnamon roll. He never compliments anything. The most you may get is something is good. But he can almost always find something negative in things. He had the cinnamon roll and said it was the best hed ever had. He went on and on about how good it was. So I knew it must be good.



a month ago

Went here for the first time to try the glazed croissants and the cashier Cindy was so nice and made recommendations. I ended up adding filling to my croissant which made it even more delicious. Will definitely be recommending it and coming back.


Jennifer Seibold

4 months ago

The staff is very nice. The man at the counter explained all the pastries as it was our first time coming. The croissants are absolutely delicious! They are airy and light! Our favorites are the cinnamon and the plain glazed and the chocolate iced sprinkled donuts are good too. Next time we visit, Im going to try the cheesecake and a cupcake as they looked very good.


Brian DeCastro

2 months ago

In reply to your response, she wasn't busy and I addressed her but she just gave me a nasty look. And whether it was knats or fruit flies or Roaches, to imply that it only being a knat really says a lot. I can tell you, I won't be returning and I can only hope that other's see this review and the asinine response from management. 9/29/21 7:50am.. first time coming here and chose this place based on reviews.. The place is dirty and the inside of the displays are not clean. Several BUGS flying around inside of the donut case.. Brought it to the attention to the sole person working and she says absolutely nothing, just gives me a nasty look. I walked out and before I left, peeked my head back inside to inquire if the manager was there and heard her and a customer saying it was hard to control the bugs. No thanks. I hope owner or management cares more than the girl working


Annalyse Madsen

6 months ago

We had Burney's of Charlotte make us glazed croissants, cake pops and cute little cake for our elopement and I will say they were the highlight of the wedding. Not only was everything beyond delicious but the Burney's team was amazing to work with and helped make the process seamless. I had so many guests coming up to me asking where we had gotten the desserts from and I will absolutely be recommending them to everyone in the area and stopping by for myself :)

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