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Andreas Willis

a week ago

I have been there in the past and recall the food being okay...That was a couple of years ago... I took my daughter for the first time.. We both got hot dogs and fries... The fries are huge potato wedges that we simply don't like. We did not enjoy the hot dogs at all... They just didn't taste that great..... Service was pretty good we can say that.... Not going give them a super bad review but I didn't like it at all.. In the past I did get a cheeseburger and that was pretty good... It's small business so I still would suggest you give it a try!


Ieisha Simmons

3 weeks ago

Love the drive in style. Fast service. Menu just needs to be updated to show variety. The food was magnificent Delicious to say the least. Tangy beef hot dogs the bun was not soggy & savory coleslaw and the perfect chili recipe. The best hot dog I've had in a long time. The fries were cutest wedges and lightly salted.


Local Guide

a week ago

I have seen ratings for this place where it is rated second best Burger in North Carolina. Believe me there are hundreds of other burgers much better than this in NC. I believe the rating must be a millennial based rating because certainly it is "AN EXPERIENCE". I'm still suffering from the fat in this meal! The meat taste was just OK and that's about all I can say that is good about this burger. Fries are horrible! What they call Chili is far from what the rest of the world calls chili. It's just spiced ground beef. Sorry, I just don' t get it!


Stephanie Garcia

2 months ago

burgers, very delicious. The food was so savory. Really nothing but good experiences here. Prices are decent for the quality. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.


Eric Weston

a month ago

I go there a lot and its usually great service. The last 2 mornings my order was taken by a lady with arrows tattooed on her arms. I asked for my usual, Ham (or Bacon), egg and cheese with a "fried" egg. She didn't write fried, so I asked her to write it that way. She did, but with a smirk on her face. I ended up with a scrambled egg anyway. Today, I tried again, but asked for it with an "over easy" egg, she wrote it down and then told me, we only make it the "Regular Way". So I walked out. I hope they talk to her or get rid of her as I would like to continue doing business with them.