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Raquel S

5 months ago

Alas, my quest for the best cheesesteak in CLT continuesthis was not it. The Philly cheesesteak has so many peppers in it (jalapeos and banana peppers) that peppers are all I could taste. Fries are ok but needed salt.


Cynthia R

3 months ago

I had never heard of this place until I was looking for dinner on DoorDash and saw they were featured. Reviews were raving abt the cheesesteak so I opted to see what the hype was abt. It was amazing! Spices worked perfectly. And I asked for lettuce and tomato on the side and they did just that. I hate when restaurants dont pay attention to little things like that. And it came piping hot which you never know when getting delivery. Highly recommend.


Brittney Wright

2 months ago

I havent even tried my food yet. I just left the store, and Im so mad. I asked the man who took my order to not give us the combo. He agreed to this yet still charged us for the combo. When I started to question him, he proceeds to call me a liar and says that I never told him that I didnt want the combo. He told me he would give me two dollars for the combos which wasnt enough for how much we just spent. I told him that I wanted his name and he refused to give it to me because clearly he knew he was in the wrong. When I told him I was going to write a review, he tried to make peace with me. Moral of the story, the service here is totally AWFUL! I will not be coming back.


Leeann S

2 years ago

Great experience and custom service! Popped in for a quick bite on Saturday while doing errands. Parking lot is a little even but there were plenty of spaces. Menu is not overly complicated and I was ecstatic to see a turkey burger option. I ordered my food and toured their many coolers to select my beverage and then paid. No crowd at 11:40am on a Saturday so I grabbed a seated and proceeded to watch some tv. My food came to my table within about 10-12 minutes. It looked amazing and was hot and delicious. What else can you ask for? Great deli with fun murals on the building for all your Instagram needs. Check it out!


Charles A. III

2 years ago

Great Deli in Villa Heights. Yohannes and wife Million are very friendly warm people. While waiting for my excellent Philly Steak I chatted with Yohannes about the area and what it has been through and where it is going. The location is clean and well stocked. The food was tasty and came in good proportions. Great stock of local and domestic beers. All in all a great location and great people staying in the area for a reopening of Noda Market & Deli.

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