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in the last week

This place is really well run. There was parking on the street. Id just make sure I get there early. The bartender was super friendly, the guy at the door was awesome, the areas for the bands to interact with fans are perfect. Its an easy drive in from 77 and the neighborhood is safe. Even the security staff was amazing. They brought in some really significant female fronted metal and it was amazing. Thank you for getting live music back and bringing in renowned acts. And I will say that it was pretty awesome that they checked vaccination cards and for the most part people kept their masks on. Thats the one thing that could be better. I just wish people would keep their masks on for the sake of everyone involved. Its certainly not the venues fault when people in a crowd take off their masks. Even the bands were wearing masks during their mingling with fans. Overall, I was won over by this venue and plan to return for sure.


Brent Fidler

2 months ago

Great venue to see smaller acts in a close-to-intimate setting. The theater seating was very nice to watch the show and the acoustics were decent. The beer selection was average but the service was quick. The bathrooms were fairly clean for a live music venue and the owl painted on the wall had the women in our party guessing specifically if it was supposed to be an owl or an old man's face.


Scott Lovett

2 weeks ago

The new management has made this place a shadow of its former self. The hometown feel is gone, there are big empty spaces where there used to be couches and chairs, they are focused on making money rather than making an enjoyable experience for the concert-going.


j filla

a month ago

Ive emailed this venue twice about getting a refund for a concert that has been postponed and have not heard back from them. The ticket was to see Greyson Chance and my name is Justin Filla. I had just gotten an email to let me know it was postponed and that if I could not make it to send an email by July 30th to get a refund and I just have not heard back from my original email on July 1st and I sent a other one this morning.


Graham Kracker

a week ago

Mike Love in da hometown straight outa HI. Great venue!

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