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Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery, established in 2000, is Charlotte's longest standing craft coffee venue. Smelly Cat is unashamedly people centered, NoDa community minded, and supports peoples choice for how they like to personalize their coffee experience. Whether you're searching for a single origin pour over, a refreshing cold brew on nitrogen, or a specialty espresso drink, we've got what you're looking for. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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Dacia Zimmer

4 months ago

They have a 5 star rating for a reason, this roaster/restaurant is top notch. Between the excellent service and amazing coffee, this is a place to go to. I was privileged enough to meet the owner who is extremely kind and knowledgeable about her products. If you're looking for a cute spot to work or grab a quick bite to eat, this is your spot.


Marielys Marrero

4 months ago

I was in town for a couple of days and wanted coffee before starting our adventure for the day. We got 2 breakfast items and 2 coffees. (25$ btw) Got the coffees right away and it was BAD. It was very bitter and we didnt even get half way through before throwing them away. They made us step aside for the food so that they can serve the customers behind us in line. Well we waited and waited and there was no indication our food was done other than the fact that people that stood behind us in line were getting their complete order and no one ever said anything to us. We went back to barista at the window that had our food sitting behind her the entire time!! Halfway back to the car we realized we were missing half of the order so we had to walk all the way back (parking was full so we were 2 blocks away.) luckily the quiche was actually pretty tasty so they mildly redeemed themselves. Over all, not a great experience. This is a place where if you judge it by its cover it should be good but in reality the looks surpass the quality. Go to Amelies instead.


Karla Fischbach

a month ago

Finally got a chance to try Smelly Cat and it did not disappoint!! I got the Ethiopian cold brew which was fantastic. My parents got herbal teas. I didnt get to try any of the food as we had just come back from Amelies so I cant speak to that. Service was very friendly, helpful with suggestions, and patient with decisions even though they were busy. They had ample outdoor seating which was really nice but I couldnt tell what was going on with the indoor seating. The door to the inside looked to be locked and there was a sign saying that anyone who wanted in could get assistance from the barista. Maybe still a covid thing? Anyway, cant speak to the inside aesthetic either but I will definitely be back for more Ethiopian cold brew!


Kristina Pelletier

6 months ago

Second time here over my weekend trip to Charlotte. If you are in/around/near NODA you have to at least get a coffee. Almost everything on the menu is made in house, from the coffee roasting to the baked goods. Everything I had was delicious and the staff was inviting and welcoming. They even asked how our latte was when we went to order seconds. Also if you are visiting with a dog there is a side window to order and plenty of outdoor seating. Thank you so much for the amazing food and vibe! Definitely a highlight of our stay in Charlotte.


Gabriele Gavin

7 months ago

Can I say it??? Ima say it. This coffee is the best coffee I have had sooooooo good and strong. This is my second time coming and I can finally leave a review. I had to wait until the second visit because the first was just too good to be true! I couldnt even get a good picture of my Spiced Brown sugar oat milk latte. I blinked and it was gone

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