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Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery, established in 2000, is Charlotte's longest standing craft coffee venue. Smelly Cat is unashamedly people centered, NoDa community minded, and supports peoples choice for how they like to personalize their coffee experience. Whether you're searching for a single origin pour over, a refreshing cold brew on nitrogen, or a specialty espresso drink, we've got what you're looking for. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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Katie Engel

a week ago

If you have never been here before, beware that it's not set up like a regular coffee shop. I came on a Sunday and couldn't figure out how to get inside the cafe as the front door was locked. I walked around the building and the side window was closed too. I saw other people sitting outside and had to ASK how I can order coffee: you have to "ring the doorbell" at the side window, place your order, and ask them to unlock the door so you can sit inside. Aside from that, the coffee itself was great.


Karla Fischbach

a week ago

Finally got a chance to try Smelly Cat and it did not disappoint!! I got the Ethiopian cold brew which was fantastic. My parents got herbal teas. I didnt get to try any of the food as we had just come back from Amelies so I cant speak to that. Service was very friendly, helpful with suggestions, and patient with decisions even though they were busy. They had ample outdoor seating which was really nice but I couldnt tell what was going on with the indoor seating. The door to the inside looked to be locked and there was a sign saying that anyone who wanted in could get assistance from the barista. Maybe still a covid thing? Anyway, cant speak to the inside aesthetic either but I will definitely be back for more Ethiopian cold brew!


Brad Imhoff

a month ago

Waited at the window for ten minutes to order due to an iPad issue. Then ordered two drinks at the first window and went over to the second to pick them up. They had only made us one, so we asked for the second. The server stared at us blankly like he had stopped functioning, literally saying nothing. After awkward silence, we asked again and were told wed have to get back in linewhich was 16 people long at this point due to the iPad issueand order again. No thanks. To make sure we hadnt paid for the second drink, I asked for a receipt. He said he could only text or email it, so I gave my phone number. Realizing that he was only pretending to take down the number, probably assuming Id be walking away, I told him Id wait at the window until it came through. Then, he got a pen and asked for the number again. What respectable service. The one drink was good, so Ill give them a second star for that, but the service is clearly lacking.


Karla Giron

a week ago

Got an oat milk latte with spiced brown sugar, delicious. Just strong enough and sweet enough. I also got a few of the roasted beans, so far Ive only tried the Ethiopian Yirgachefe (I may or may not have spelled that correctly). This one has been great


Daniel Santos

2 years ago

Love this place...

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