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Tone Macon

8 months ago

The atmosphere was calming and good to the soul. Background music great. The server was very polite and polished. Gave extra knowledge about what to eat on the menu. Definitely will be back. Everyone should try the Strawberry cake yummy


Balaji Viswanath Mohan

2 months ago

Do yourself a favor and visit this awesome restaurant. The food is absolutely amazing, everything we tasted melted in other mouths. The service is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. Absolutely the best meal we had in a while. Highly recommend Choplins!!!.


Ironman Triathlete

3 months ago

My fianc and I read a lot about this restaurant and we were excited to hear how this is a local chef in what was to be a more upscale dining experience. We were surprised to see that this restaurant was in a strip mall. So, it was not really what we expected from the start and it only kept disappointing from there. The highlights of the meal as a whole was the drinks, the salmon, and the French onion soup. We started with the French Onion Soup and the Crab and Artichoke dip. The onion soup was great, but the Crab Artichoke dip was bland with no taste of crab at all. It could have just been an artichoke dip only and we would have never known. Those tables around us got bread and butter served to their tables, but our server neglected to bring these to our table. It would have been nice to have with the French Onion Soup. We waited about 20-minutes to get our dinner served, but it was incomplete to start. My fianc got the Salmon which she said tasted really good. I ordered the steak with spinach and green beans. I asked for a balsamic vinegar for the spinach and my green beans were delayed. The steak was tender but it could have been seasoned more. We both noticed that the food presentation was absolutely missing. It was just plain. My green beans came very late in the meal along with my balsamic although they gave to me a balsamic glaze when I asked for balsamic vinegar. I tried it with the cooked spinach and it was horrible. So, it went untouched. Our server was missing for most of the meal and we waited quite some time for her to return. I wanted to order another drink, but that never happened. We waited and waited to pay while those table around us left and were reseated. I asked the hostess if I get my server and about 5-7 minutes later the hostess returned and said that she could not get the attention of my server. She offered to us a free desert which was nice but we do not eat desserts so we declined. She eventually returned with our check after we asked for it and she did remove our drinks from our bill which is why this was a 3-star review and not a 2-star review. My server finally showed up after we had the hostess work with getting to us our check and taking our payment. She too offered a free dessert but we declined again. Our reservation was before 6pm and the restaurant was not busy when we arrived however she said that her really large table preoccupied her time. She should have asked for help from her peers when she was knowing that she was predisposed by other tables. I was hoping for more, but it was more of a total disappointment than anything else. I would most likely not return as it was really not worth the price we paid.


Ravishankar Sivasubramaniam

5 months ago

The best steak house and a nice sit-down restaurant in the lake norman area. Super clean and calm ambiance, excellent service, and good food. Brussel sprouts and deserts are a must-try. Good portions. Will repeat


Bethany Moore

8 months ago

My husband I tried Choplins for the first time tonight and were blown away. The mozzarella appetizer was to die for as was the duck entree. I wasnt able to get a picture of the beef medallions before my husband inhaled them. We cannot wait to come back on our next date night. Thank you for treating us to a delicious meal!

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