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Melissa Garmon

3 weeks ago

I visited for the first time 9/2/21 for lunch and did take-out. The cashier was very friendly and helpful. My order didn't take long at all and they made sure everything was in the bag, including fork and sauces. The FOOD though! The Lolo pulled pork is probably the BEST BBQ I have had in a long time. The sides were just as amazing. We tried the baked beans, potato salad, mac n cheese and green beans. Just right portions and tasted great. We will definitely be back!


Brian B

2 weeks ago

So, so good. While the collards and greenbeans were really good, the corn pudding, mac n cheese, the Nashville hot chicken sandwich and the More Cowbell were incredible. And this was carryout. Fantastic food. We will be back!


Aaron Lemons

2 months ago

Fantastic food and great customer service! We got the pulled pork plate with ribs and three sides. All the meat was delicious and they had a great variety of sauces ranging from sweet to spicy that you could apply at your own liking. Definitely will be back again!


john doe

2 weeks ago

So I go and order the double brisket and they are like its 2.50 for double brisket in the 2 plate. Cool. I get back to the hotel and this is more that $30 later.. sides look right but you pay per side as well.. but this doesnt look like double meat. I could have went and got a steak and more for less. You shouldnt charge more if this is all the meat you get.... 5.5 pieces is not worth $18...


Christina Parker

a week ago

Exceptional service where they treat you like family. Delicious food and side dishes. You won't be disappointed.

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