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Cassie Brown

2 months ago

We took our almost 2-year-old here last Saturday at 2:30 because it was so hot outside. She had a great time, and it kept her busy for hours until closing. We actually felt like two hours was not enough for us because there's so much to do and see. She loved every play area, especially the water activities. We were impressed that they have modifications for different ages, too, so she was able to reach certain toys and tools she wouldn't have otherwise. The guy who checked us in was very nice, patient, and knowledgeable about the policies. The ladies who did the Town Hall showed our daughter how to throw the velcro darts. All around, it was a great experience in a pretty part of town. We'll be back to let her explore more and may get a membership because she enjoyed it so much. There's also pizza and ice cream across the street!


Laila LaTisha Bradford

4 weeks ago

Nice place for the little ones. The place was clean and staff was friendly. I love the little exhibits and she she enjoyed store and the restaurant. She was excited to color, so this place was a win


Jayden Sturdivant

a year ago

i think its the best



3 months ago

This place is incredible! Perfect for 18mo to 7yrs. Some of the older kid attractions have been closed due to Covid restrictions, but still a VERY fun place! Our son had a blast and was running around looking non-stop amazed at all the activities. And it was fairly priced and clean with sanitation stations after every few activities.


lacey strube

a week ago

I use to love bringing my son here. We tried to come on Saturday but apparently your 2 year old is now not allowed without a mask. We last visited in July and he was allowed in without a mask since he only just turned 2 this summer. But today I had to drive home with my 2 year old crying the entire time because he wasn't allowed to go play and "drive the firetruck" his favorite. I understand how important it is to wear a mask and take all precautions but for a toddler who is still learning about the world and how things work this is ridiculous. How do you expect a 2 year old to run around and play for two hours or more with a mask on and be totally comfortable and be able to breathe just fine? You don't . It doesn't make any sense. Sad this won't be a happy place for us to visit anymore

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