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Lauren Ashley

8 months ago

Went here with my sister and her kids. We had a great time here and I loved watching the kids enjoy themselves. There is so much to do and it's all so educational. I loved the little Cafe area. The rock wall was also a favorite. The underwater room was super cool. The upstairs portion has things they can build and race. I loved experiencing the smaller scale Discovery Place that was truly geared towards educational fun! I would definitely recommend going here and taking your children. You'll enjoy it just as much as them. They also have a program where if you get food stamps you can get in for less than $5 a person! It's something different than the park you always go to and like I said...educational. The kids loved the water area as well. Perfect for a cheap fun rainy day activity!!


Bogdan Dusa

5 months ago

Good place to take the kids for fun. A little pricey for what they offer especially that that many exhibits/experiences are defect/not functioning. The sound at the show (dental show - book reading) was too loud and not clear. Not very clean and not well maintained. Pretty hot inside.


Brittanni Bowers

2 months ago

My kids loved this place and didnt want to leave! Great variety of activities to spark their imaginations and build their thinking skills while playing. We could have stayed the entire day if we had brought our own lunch. We brought light snacks and this place only has vending machines. If they added a small cafe this place would easily be five stars for me!


Steff Eee

5 months ago

The kids really loved this place and enjoyed playing in all the different setups, especially the cafe and grocery. Not so much fun for adults as you can imagine kids going wild and running all over the place. I also think this place is a bit overpriced. Admission for a family of 4 is over $60.... pricey to get trampled by a bunch of random toddlers and not having all exhibits/experiences open or functioning. Exhausted and underwhelmed by this outing.


Minna Henry

3 months ago

Read this before going! It might SAVE your child a trip to the ER or Doctors! So although this place has an awesome set up, it is VERY, I Repeat VERY dirty and is SET UP for a ER run! As you would hope and think after dealing with a deadly virus( Covid) and monkeypox going around, that this place would take more safety protocols. I brought in only one Clorox wipe and that was a mistake. I begin to wipe down the first police station phone and my eyes were blown at how black my wipe got instantly! I really got sick to my stomach because I knew I was going to regret coming here. Once my wipe was all dirty I didnt have much more of a choice. I went to the bathroom and got more disgusted. Not only is this place full of germs but theres no staff watching or to disinfect something a child may have put in their mouth (which many kids are putting fake foods). Its also $18 per person which I think is very expensive, theres no sitting chairs for parents, and the fire truck and toys makes no sound. To add to that, they stop accepting people in after 3 and close at 4 pm; so theres never a good time to go, its always crowded. They have lazy workers and that no steps to prevent accidents. Same day later, my child is coughing and next day we take him to the doctor. He caught a virus and now I have to keep him home to watch him carefully for the next 5-10 days. If I can caution mothers and fathers with children younger than 3, avoid this place at all cost!! I couldnt imagine taking an infant here and dealing with the consequences after here.

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