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IBN YaHood

6 months ago

I just wanted to sit farther away from people outside and enjoy a drink or two. The chairs were not wet despite their insistence. Instead they wanted to stuff me in their loud muggy indoors seating. No thanks. Word of advice: this is not how you treat customers.


Jenny Goodale

6 months ago

My husband and I have been here a few times and I feel like its going downhill. We went for happy hour sushi and it was slammed. We expected to wait and didnt mind that but we waited forever for sushi that was definitely sub-quality. My avocado in my sushi was brown and the rice in both of our sushi was mushy and not good. I just feel like when we went after they first opened the food was much better


Caroline “SquidsOath” Sams

a week ago

Yummy! Sushi and appetizers! Pork fried rice! How could I get any happier? I couldn't Everything was delicious, the staff was willing to get on our level and work with us on things. Thank you CO!


Amanda Deason

3 weeks ago

Went here on a recommendation of a friend, so glad I tried this place! We had the summer rolls and beef pho. It was absolutely delicious, huge depth of flavors. I will definitely be back!!!


Erin Bartley

a month ago

Food was pretty tasty, service is not good. Upon arriving, there was a small wait- two of us went to the bar to get a drink, the other two just waited. The hosts made us wait outside in summertime NC swamp weather, instead of letting us wait indoors...there was literally no one else up front, so its not like we were crowding the place. It seemed silly and unnecessary. So, basically they made us get sweaty before eating spicy curry, haha - not very appetizing. It seems like our server had literally never been trained on how to serve tables? Kind of weird. We ordered multiple courses (some apps, some small plates, some entrees) and everything came out at one time, rather than coursed. So, we had like 10 items on our table at one time for four people, which makes things hard and not enjoyable. Our server spilled one of our beers on the table, made US clean it up with napkins and then did not even offer to bring a new one? Curry Laksa was awesome, everything else was replicable. I feel you could get any other item anywhere else in Charlotte. I will not come back because of the service and will tell others to not come here if they care about experience.

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