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Paquita Poindexter

6 months ago

Great place to get El Salvadoran food. I got a bean & cheese and a pork & cheese pupusas. Cabbage slaw is flavorful with a little bit of spice that goes great the tomato sauce.


Suky J

in the last week

Nice waitress but take-out food took way more than the 15 min. we were told. Also, the Al pastor tacos tasted more tomato-ish, and less like they are supposed to. Ive made these tacos, and I always order them at different places to see who has the best. I ordered the plate of 3 and only ate one. I happen to love tacos but not these.


Isaac J

in the last week

I ordered a torta and it was not good at all. It tasted like it had been fried in burnt motor oil and didnt have any avocado in it like it is advertised. I love this type of food, but the food in this place is terrible. The food took way too long. Never going there again.


Uhlra (Uhlra)

4 years ago

Absolutely delicious food. Freindly and polite service. I will definitely be going back.


D G.

a year ago

These pupusas were very tasty and the price was right. My order wasn't 100 % correct I believe due to the language barrier but I wasn't mad at all with what I received. I would definitely return.

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