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Christian Kolb

2 months ago

Had a great time, I am an incredible golfer, scored a 62 on the 18 hole golf course. Mini golf, but still rather proud. Cant beet the price. Nice to get outside and just put away. They have a nice driving range and my kids have also done lessons here.


James Kaufman

2 years ago

This place is my heart. Best way to spend any week night to relax after work. Cheap beer. Good lights. Cheap balls. Its awesome and some are covered if it rains.


Tina Xing

6 months ago

I come here for golfing lessons and practice. Its a really nice golf range with great facilities and reasonable price.


Mason Howerzyl

4 months ago

A left handed golfer can share a right handed mat with a right handed golfer but a right handed golfer cant share a mat with a left handed golfer?! Me and my friend got yelled at, not asked, yelled at for sharing a left handed mat. Im left handed and my friend is right handed and all the other mats were full but no, we couldnt share. also, no one waiting behind us. All the employees are nice except the guy that yelled at us.


Jake Klein

7 months ago

Great practice facility. Great practice balls, nice mats, and a nice chipping green. The putting green is super slow and is like putting through mud, so if youre used to quick greens it will only mess you up. Other than the putting green its an absolute gem. Always have ice cold refreshments in stock and you can get deals on beers and buckets. The pro shop is loaded with everything you need for the course.

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